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What Is Biometrics

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Doglips, May 13, 2002.

  1. Doglips

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    Ok I had too cut this a little short but here is also the link. Scary to think about....if you speed read pay close attention to the vary last paragraph that I highlighted with ****..

    So what do you all think??????

    What Is Biometrics?

    Biometrics is the science of using digital technology to identify individuals based on the individual's unique physical and biological qualities. Simply, biometrics is the technique of verifying a person's identity from a physical characteristic (i.e., fingerprint, hand print, face, scent, thermal image, or iris pattern), or personal trait (voice pattern, handwriting, or acoustic signature).

    Facial Recognition
    Facial recognition systems, one of the fastest growing areas, measure such characteristics as the distance between facial features (from pupil to pupil, for instance) or the dimensions of the features themselves (such as the width of the mouth). Four new systems were introduced in 1996, making a total of 12 organizations working on advanced object-recognition techniques, including Harvard and MIT's Media Lab.
    A system developed at the University of Southern California, called "Eidos," can identify a face as accurately as some systems identify the human eye and can see past most disguises, even if subjects have changed their haircut, grown or shaved a beard, donned or removed eyeglasses, or made faces at the computer. The U.S. Army is considering Eidos for some of its security concerns.

    Identification Technologies, Coral Gables, Florida, uses face identification in its One-on-One system, where photographic images are digitized, yielding a numerical facial signature that is coded on a card. At the security gate the user inserts the card into a reader that scans the code and in less than a second compares it to the "image" on the central database.

    Most developers employ either neural network technology or statistical correlations of the face's geometric shape. Many have had difficulty achieving high levels of performance when database sizes increase to the tens of thousands or more.

    **** Still, interest is high because of the rapid rise in multimedia video technology, which is finding more and more cameras in the workplace and may eventually find one in every home and on every personal computer. ************
  2. Klaus

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    Some home computers use biometrics for security already, things like fingerprint and iris scanners. It is simply a way for computers to recognize people.