What is rich?

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    Rich is having more than you need

    I'm happy to be poor by Henderson's standards, making less than a fourth of what he does. Sure, everyone could always do with a bit more, but there's a point where you lose a connection with the real world and those in it by struggling with an income of more than a few hundred thousand dollars each year. I don't wish any ill will on people like him, I just want to see their taxes become proportionate to their income, poor people like me might just begin to hate the upper class a bit less if they paid their dues too.

    Then again, the French revolution must have been a fun time to be poor! Too much imbalance and it can happen anywhere...

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    What would you expect from a college law professor?!?!?!?

    He's a dumb ***!!!

    That rates right up there with Michelle Obama crying about how hard it is to be in the White House.
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    Well,he has my sympathy. (something I never wanted,even in the worst of times)

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    One is not rich if their $400k income goes mostly to pay bills.