What is that red finish on my Arsenal Refurb 91/30?????

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by 19D10, Jun 17, 2002.

  1. 19D10

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    I bought a Arsenal Refurb 91/30 from AIM a few months ago (top notch!!) and the wood is finished in some kind of very dark red varnish or laquer. All I know is that it is very brittle and when I took the weapon apart for the first cleaning, I gouged a good lot of it off from where the bands hold the guards on. Other than this, the gun is %100!!! What is this red finish, and can I replicate/repair the few scratches?
  2. Stewart

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    I have a 91/30 which also has the same finish and I believe that it is some type of tinted shellac. It looks fine until you get a scratch or two. Most of the posts I have seen indicate that eventually it will peel and you will have to look at re-finishing or re-shallacking. I can't remember what tint color some have used, but I thought Zinsser's 3lb orange. I went to Home Depot and was only able to find clear which I used to touch up my M-44, worked great.

  3. PAPA G

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    i wonder if that shellac was some kind of storage protection????after all its ususually sloppily applied, and comes off real easy, what do you Ivans think of that theory???:confused:
  4. Calvin

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    Naw, I think they just dunked the stock in the varnish and then assembled the rifle while it was drying. If they were going to protect it, they'd mummy wrap them.
  5. fliger

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    Like the famous "Red Violin", the tint in the varnish is BLOOD. Available in copious quantities in Stalinist Russia.

    Der Fliger......
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    i have to agree with calvin,my laminated m-44 has the same finish-even over the recoil lug and nut,sling inserts,etc.looks like they assembled the stock then dunked it.mine seems be holding up pretty well though,no cracking,peeling,or flaking,even around the spots where the stock is dinged.
  7. My unissued Russian has the shellac over everything too and I noticed on the butt it appears someone wiped it with a rag as it was drying...57 years ago! My Sks looks like it has the exact same kind of finish.