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What is the Best Lower for AR15

Discussion in 'AR15' started by Mastershake, Oct 10, 2006.

  1. Mastershake

    Mastershake G&G Newbie

    Hey guys Im planning on building my first AR15, and I want to know what the best quality is. What is the Rolls Royce of Lower receivers for the AR 15? And what is the best deal as far as quality in comparison to price for the AR15?

    Note that this will be a California Legal AR so I will proboboly have a Price 50 mag lock on it. Also I have heard that California might make all pistol grips illegal even if they have a mag lock so I was planning on getting a couple of Lowers and builing one right away but saving the other ones to build later, so If there are two or three lowers you guys think are good let me know I might get a few different brands as long as they are quality.

    Another question are there certian brands illegal only in Claifornia? If so what brands are legal?

    Thanks guys youre all a really big help.

  2. Pred

    Pred Suspended

    Well, if your just talking about plain ol' lower receivers, I'm gonna let you in on a little secret. The ONLY thing you have to worry about is making sure its a forged lower. Stag, Rock River Arms, Double Star, Mega, Superior Arms, each one of those is as good as Bushmaster or Colt, and a lot less money. Theres no good reason you should more then $130 out the door for a stripped lower.
  3. Otter

    Otter G&G Newbie

    I built an AR on a Rock River lower and had no problems, everything went together well.
  4. Dale

    Dale G&G Newbie

    Since I am considering making an AR for myself soon I have to ask: what about DPMS parts.

    Are Stag, Rock River, Double Star et al parts as good as DPMS or Bushies and are DPMS parts of an significantly higher quality?

    And, are there any brands y'all would recommend to stay away from altogether?
  5. Pred

    Pred Suspended

    Lets see. Myself, I'll stay away from Double Star lower parts kits, and any lower DPMS parts, including their bolt carrier groups. I'm also going to stay away from Bushmaster simply because their prices are out of this world, and their parts are no better then RRA which is a bit cheaper. Matter of fact my brother in law has a Bushmaster M4, and after shooting my AR with a RRA parts kit, he wants to swap em out. If you build a lower with a collapsible stock, go with Stag if you don't go with something like Vltor. I say this because Stag, like Colt, uses a mil-spec tube. This means if you decide to upgrade stocks down the road, you wont have to spend an extra $50 for it. As for bolt carrier groups, Stag and RRA make nice groups, and if you want to go the M-16 route(and yes it is legal) I'd go with LMT.
  6. Beer Forever

    Beer Forever G&G Enthusiast

    My DPMS shoots circles around my buddy's Bushy M4. I am greatly offended on what you said about DPMS, Pred, and I bid you good day, hmmmmmm!!!

    Really though, DPMS is not bad at all, and I'd take one over a Bushy any day. I am weird and crazy though, so don't listen to me.
  7. mpikeat2002

    mpikeat2002 G&G Newbie

    LMT, Colt, Tom Sawyer. If you can't and dont want to spend tons of money and want a good product, I'd say Rock River Arms. That's what I have.
  8. Pred

    Pred Suspended

    First off, there is NO reason what so ever to spend a ton of money on a lower reciever, NONE. Stick with RRA, Stag, or Double Star. Mega and Superior Arms comes next. Sorry SKS, I know you love your DPMS, but for some reason I just cant stand that company.
  9. Beer Forever

    Beer Forever G&G Enthusiast

    I am crying uncontrolably:(
    I hope you're happy, no I'll never get to bed

    If I didn't get the deal I did on my M4, I would have gone with a Stag lower in 5.56 and a RRA 20'' flat top. I am thinking about getting a 20'' flat top still, and just aquiring the parts for the rest of the build.
  10. kILO-Colt

    kILO-Colt G&G Newbie

    a little off the subject. but did I find GOLD!!

    I started reading you guys threads about 4 months ago trying to get some reasearch on ar-15 and some knowlage and I used to shoot in the army but its been a while. But i became obsessed with building my ar. I have become really informed from where i was about 4 months ago. I decided I wanted to build a carbine with car legnth freefloat tube quadrail, flat top upper, telestock, and flip up sights, before any other upgrades. I was gonna spend about 1000.00, and build it myself but I wanted a good platform to start with "it could be my new LEGO TOY :) " but Today I was browsing a local gunshop and I was looking for some ideas to build mine and ran into a barley used Colt Law Enforcement carbine stamped LE/ military only" it was all colt except the hand guards was replaced with a YHM car legnth freefloat tube with 3 rail grip covers, YHM gas block-flip up sight. and the telestock was replaced with a magpul 6 position stock. It was in great shape and new. "just the combo I was looking for and it was Colt! They just got it in the day before. So I thought I would miss a great deal they sold it to me for 1195.00!! So my question is- did I make a great buy? and did I find a rare deal and a rare AR-15 like I thought I did? any info on the weapon? ps. I thought if I waited to think about it, it would of been sold before i got back to buy it.

    Thanks in advance for any info on my pruchase.
  11. turkn8r1

    turkn8r1 G&G Newbie

    I started with DPMS lowers and parts kits but recently found a great deal on ESSENTIAL ARMS forged lowers and they look exactly like my DPMS lowers down to the tool marks. I am not experienced enough with black guns to talk about all the parts but to me a forged lower that has a good fit and finish is as good as another the only difference I am experiencing is price that seems to be dictated by brand. I would look at the ESSENTIAL ARMS especially if you have an FFL that will work with you. You could possibly make the best buy in town on quality lowers.
  12. Pred

    Pred Suspended

    Pics or it didn't happen :09:
  13. RMTactical

    RMTactical G&G Newbie

    Between most reputable manufacturers, there is no difference. Pick the least expensive and/or the one with the roll mark you like as long as it is forged aluminum and anodized.

    I have built up rifles on LAR, Stag, RRA, Bushy, DPMS, Mega, Superior lowers.... among others, no real differences.
  14. kILO-Colt

    kILO-Colt G&G Newbie

    "PRED" Thanks for the reply so here is the proof!

    But you dident answer my question? Pred By the way I took advise in my build/buy from a couple of your threads :) thanks for the info. and indirect advise. I never of would of known what I ran into unless I was doing my research. But what do you think the value of it is? and is it rare? and did i get as good of a deal as i thought I did? here are some pics pred. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  15. kILO-Colt

    kILO-Colt G&G Newbie

    Hey pred here are the pics, So you dident answer my question? Like i said I wouldent have baught this if i hadent gained massive amounts of knowlage from you and you buds on here and doing lots of research in the past months, I guess what I want to know is "did I do well for my first ar? and how well did I do? Thanks man.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  16. Pred

    Pred Suspended

    With no rear sights your talking $1300 for the rifle. I think you did alright. It wasn't a GREAT deal, but not a bad one either. What markings does it have on the barrel? Like 1x7, 1x9, chrome lined? Anything like that? Also, when you take it apart, look and see if it's got an M16 bolt carrier group or a standard AR-15 group.
  17. kILO-Colt

    kILO-Colt G&G Newbie

    to pred

    the barrel is marked 5.56 nato 1x7 and they told me it is an original m4 barrel and it is chrome lined. So what do you think and what if it is a m16 bolt? anything else I should look for?
  18. Pred

    Pred Suspended

    Well, Colt has been shipping their rifles with M16 bolt carriers, however I'm not sure for how long. Not really, now you just have to figure out what time of BUIS and optics to put on it.
  19. RMTactical

    RMTactical G&G Newbie

    I think you did well.
  20. kILO-Colt

    kILO-Colt G&G Newbie

    Thanks Guys!

    Thanks RMTactical, PRED you guys were giving me advise indirectly for months, and I ended up making a purchase im happy with and would not have recognized without getting informed on AR's from AR guys in the AR world, now I am informed, thanks for the knowlage!
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