What is the best way to tune up Automatic Pistol

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by ALA, Sep 3, 2002.

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    Hi. I am new in Fiream. I will buy a Walther P-4. Some guy told me that for the new Pistol, it need to tune up the barel by shooting few shot. Then clean it up, and shot again. Repeat this process for couple time, then it will let the new Pistol work flawless for long run. It it true ?

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    Every new gun needs time to work itself in,doesn't really tune it up,just lets the parts that slide and move hone each other. Figure about 500 rounds to work one in good,and yes,keep it clean.

  3. Look at the gun like the engine on a car or truck. It takes some driving to get the finishes to rub against each other to the point the actually polish each other.

    As Wes said, and I agree, it takes a few rounds to get the parts to 'marry' each other.

    If you were to put the material under a scope or magnifying glass you could see the rough edges and burs easily.

    Some of the more expensive guns are already, as you put it, tuned, before they are shipped. For the most part mass produced guns are not.

    Also, as Wes said, cleaning...and keeping the gun clean.... not only preserves the gun but it helps keep you safe. A dirty and unattended gun is a dangerous gun.

    Have fun and I wish you success and many happy and safe hours of shooting.
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    nice first gun...
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    Wes & Dale:

    Thank you for your advice. Have fun.