what is the most innacurate weapon

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    Hi guys, we all strive for accuracy, but what is the most innacurate weapon of modern times (not black powder,but modern, pistols, rifles) or maybe military weapons, I have my vote
    and its the AK(some will argue and maybe Im just not good with one of these) and the ubiquites 1911 45 (maybe im not very handy with one either) what is your vote

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    According to my targets, its anything I shoot!

    I do not shoot a whole lot but the most inaccurate thing I have shot was a Maadi with a top mounted spoe on it. I could never get the thing to zero. Figured out later that this was most likely due to the top plate not be fixed permanently. Boy was I young and dumb

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    i don't know, i can't shoot worth a hoot, especially handguns. my targets tend to look like shotgun patterning!!!!:confused:
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    Ruger 77/22hornet, the original model with the blue finish. The barrel was so rough it would tear patches and the throat was so long that a 40gr nosler BT would have been a 1/16" clear of the case mouth before it would touch the lands. With the bullets seated to fit the magazine the bullet jump would been .380" or over 3/8". Oh yeah the trigger was 8.6lbs also. ABSOLUTE POS!!

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    Wasn't the gun but it was my poor technique

    It wasn't the gun that was my problem.

    The first time I took my 1911A1 45 out for tarket shooting I brought the target back home without having been hit even once. (ha) Didn't blame the gun but accepted the fact that my technique was terrible. That got improved with more practice and concentration.
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    I shot a Makarov at an indoor range. I hit the target. Then missed. Then hit. Then missed. And there were so many fewer holes in the target than shots I fired. I thought I stunk but had no idea why, as the shots that were there were close together. Then I realized I was driving tacks. :)
    Now it was pretty close, so I'm not a super marksman, nor is the Mak such a weapon. But it was an interesting experience.
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    I picked up one of these NAA 22 derringers the 5 shot 22lr ones..I could only hit a Q target at 5' if I tried realy hard and used the 2 handed grip they recomended. I tried rapid fire and missed the target 4 out of 5 x at arms distance....with rat shot it was ok. Problem with that tiny pistol was if you held it too lightly the rounds hit the ceiling..to hard on the triger and the floor got it...They recomended lots of pactice but I just sold it to the HR director since she thought it was cute.
  8. My buddies .38spl 2 shot derringer, but we knew how inaccurate it was to begin with, so we had a ball trying to hit pop bottles at impossible ranges(25-30yds.) and we laughed as he nailed one w/the 2nd. shot, as he said later he never aimed just pionted/clicked!
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    I would have to say the M60 I could get anything close to a zero but with all that ammo you just spray it gets there in time.
    other than military I would say it was a tie between my Dads mauser 32cal pistol and my AK you couldn't hit the barn door with either.
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    I know this is not what you are after but you have to hear this. MY vz 24 is so bad that at 100 yards I hit a 2'x 2' target once with 30 rounds fired. Some were hitting 5 feet short, others 3' OVER the target. Right, left you name it. Turns out that when this rookie bought the stupid thing all I would have had to do is stick a bullets projectile in the muzzle end and see how far it went in. I will NEVER go shopping for a gun again without having that projectile in my pocket. The end of the barrel was so shot I dropped the thing right in, went in 4 inches!!! Pay attention this advice may save you some money. later.
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    My Davis derringer. But what can you expect? Don't know why it even has sights.
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    Hmmm, I don't think I had a gun that bad... dust cover mounted scopes ain't a great idea....well it is a great idea really, but it won't work!

    Derringers with fixed sights must be learned. You learn to stick the front sight up against the perb before you get a blood shower..What can I say about those last ditch guns.....

    For colt type .45 semi autos. if you have a military version they ain't all that bad, and this can work for others too......

    When the Big Gov. dumped those in favor of a certain foreign pistol, I bought one through a LEO program. I was not LEO, but there was a minimum order, and the cops came to me to meet that order if I wanted to buy one. That was my first ever of this type. I had heard all the stories about how you can't hit the inside of a barn if your locked in it..

    So the big day came, and 2 cops buddies showed up at my house with the gun and 2 boxes of free ammo for me. I like free ammo lots!

    I knew one of the cops well, but not the other as he was new to town. I looked at the pistol, and wiped off some dirt, gook, and ran a patched rod down the bore.
    By now the newer cop was chompping at the bit to get going...

    I grabbed my old iver johnson 12 ga as usual and some breneke slugs and we went.......

    Once at the mountain field where I used to shoot 3 or 4 times a week, we set up targets. I walked way back (about 7 paces) and sat down and tipped up my target case a a rest and fired 3 shots. Each hit the target too.... Remember these sights are pretty much fixed sights. This 3 shot group was high right, but at least it was a group....

    The new cop's name is Mike, and he began laughing at me... He said "Is that how you shoot?" I just smiled, and put up a new target.

    We then walked back to about 30 yards. Mike said "I'll show you how cops shoot". He then emptied his .45, and missed every time.. It was my turn to chuckel.......

    When my turn came again I hit the target every time, but the group was bigger, but not to bad.

    I had both Denney, and Mike try my method to get on paper, and that pretty muched fixed things for both of them..... From that point on they had some idea where to hold..... So maybe you guys can try that......

    Now yer thinkin why did he mention that old single shot 12... I loved that gun, and wish I still had it, but it was lost in a boating accident hunting...... That gun was a real beater, but it shot great. It was tied to the canoe, but the rope failed, and it was lost....

    But that day Denney knew I had a steel plate up on the mountain. You could not see it, but I was careful when I hung it on a chain. I lined it with a crack in the rock ledge, and a certain tree. After that I went back down to the field, and began to fire shots that way. This was a 200 yards shot + and you could not see the black steel, sorta like lobbing in mortar. I had to learn where to site, and that took over 50 slugs, and some time... But I got good at that shot from lots of practice. For me it was a gag trick when I would get bored....

    So Denney was trying to impress the new cop and asked if I would mind shooting the iron.... LOL. Well I sat down and lined things up and fired that shot. The whole time Mike was *****in about what target? Where? "There ain't no target up there!" and Whannnnnggg the iron rang out... it was **** amusing watching his face, and the knowing face of my friend Denny.... Mac
  13. Hopefully

    Hopefully the most innacurate wilbe the one in my opponents hands.........either in a competition or in a confrontation.
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    My most inaccurate gun is an old Italian Tanfoglio western-style .22 revolver. It's barrel is marked .22 LR, but it's got a .22 Magnum cylinder, and fixed sights. At 15 yards, it shoots two feet high, and does a 1 foot group. I finally used ratshot with it, and turns out to be a great Carpenter Bee Skeet gun. LOL
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    I have an old Sterling brand .25auto that couldn't hit water if it fell out of a boat. I don't know how I acquired the pistol, but I still have it in the gun safe for some reason.
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    I haven't found one yet
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    The Ruger Sp101 .22 is a good gun, but I rented one once at a range in Orlando and it keyholed every shot. I couldn't believe the target when I pulled it back. Perfect silhouette keyholes. I should've save the target for a conversation piece.
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    I agree with Doglips on this one. The NAA five shot derringer in .22. I still carry it sometimes when it is inappropriate to 'carry' I just hope the perp doesn't realize that he is fairly safe when I start shooting! Eric
  20. Tec 9--fun to shoot but only a spray and pray type of weapon.