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What is the size of a 12 ga bore ?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by shaddownone, Mar 16, 2002.

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  1. I 'm going to take my first turkey with a 12 ga I gust bought. I have to make the cardboard spacers myself as I can't find them anywhere. What size circle should I cut? and what do you guys use to cushion the shot?

    Can I use 10 ga wads in my 12 ga muzzle loader as a shot cup???
  2. The actual bore size, or caliber of a 12 gauge is .729 inch. Hope this helps.

  3. dabbler

    dabbler Guest

    The size of a 12 gauge is determined by taking a one pound ball of lead and dividing it into 12 equal weights and the diameter of the ball that is formed is where a 12 guage gets it's diameter.

    ~.729 inch
  4. Smokepole

    Smokepole G&G Newbie

    The ten (10) gauge wad will probably not fit in your barrel. First try using the 12 gauge wads and cards. They should fit firmly, but not so tight you have to ram them in place. As for the cushion wad, Circle Fly makes the 12 gauge cushion wad (pre-lub'd). The proper loading sequence would be 1.) Pour measured powder, 2.) use a 0.125 inch hard card (over powder wad), 3.) seat a 0.500 inch cushion wad, (here's where I differ), 4.) seat a thin (0.030) over shot card, 5.) add your shot, 6.) Now use an over-shot card to hold the shot in place. If the components are too hard to load, try the 13 gauge components.

    This would be the basic starting point. Next it will be necessary to determine the best load for your gun. Using a patterning board, shoot at the center of the target from 20 yards. Look for good pattern coverage and density. You can always add a little more shot or reduce powder to increase density. Speed can blow a pattern apart. Continue to record your loads and pattern your gun until you have a uniform pattern you can repeat.

    For turkey hunting you better be able to get at least 8-10 B-B's in the kill zone. For my personal load I use the following: 1½ oz. buffered nickle plated #4's, 90 grs. 2FF powder, 1 0.125 over powder card, ½" cushion wad w/ an over shot card, and then topped with the over-shot card. All of my components are 13 gauge. I try to keep my shots under 35 yards.
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