What kind of Californian shooter are you?

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  1. Just going around asking everyone in california what firearm activities do you engage in on your time off? Figured since we all live in California we can all share what we like to do and possibly end up hanging out with one another at a range.
    Please post like example below.

    Riverside, Souther California.
    Milsurplus collector and shooter. Eventually would like to start skeet shooting again and big/small game hunting.
    Weapon of choise Mosin nagant M-44, M91/30, Remmington 870 ExpressSuperMagnum
  2. Dragunov

    Dragunov G&G Evangelist

    I shoot at Rancho Cordova, beal and on BLM land. I do some tactical training with my young'uns just north of Colfax. We were working out with a Garrotte today, Younger one damned near choked me out with it!! :p

  3. .22guy

    .22guy G&G Enthusiast

    Used to do a lot of informal target shooting and shooting lots of mil-surps.

    Now I pretty much spend all my free "man" time chasing coyotes.
  4. just target shooting with the milsurps and psl's.
    looking forward to heading up to sacramento soon to do some long range targets now that the weather's cooling down.
  5. Dragunov

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    It is explicitly forbidden to shoot Californians without a depredation permit, and out of season. :p

    (I just realized the actual title of this thread)
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  6. ^ I limit myself to target shooting at a range - I don't know how far I can push the definition of "varmint" so I play it safe :biglaugh:
  7. I been shooting .22 rifle and handguns at a indoor range (Project 2000) in El Cajon, San Diego County. LOL most of my guns are still back in MO so I am a little limited right now...I usually enjoy target shooting, skeet/trap shooting, and blasting with my Mosins.

    I have been intending to hit the desert and do some more informal shooting, and definitely will make that happen when I get the rest of my guns here.
  8. chesterwin

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    TBill. I'm surprised you haven't set up some cans on the beach out there!! Glad all is going well for you!
  9. Dragunov

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  10. Da Mc

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    I target shoot at a private gun range in the Lake Matthews area. Lots of times if I go during the week I have the whole place to myself. Keep em in the x ring.
  11. frenchy

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    I target shoot at my brothers nursery along the river, there are tall bluffs for back stops. I used to hunt Dove, Pheasant, Quail around this area and Deer around Dardenells Cones up HYway 120 and Kings Canyon when a friend was attending Fresno State U. Also the ground squirrels are thick in the bluffs at work in the nursery.
  12. zacatecas

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    Hello to all. This is my first post. Just got myself a Chinese SKS.Planning on having my own collection of firearms.I have been to the Angeles Shooting Range.
  13. ALR

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    I once worked with a Californian who shot a Native American in the leg in a jeep in a National Forest in the Sierra Nevadas.
  14. I know :D I took this title off a similar thread on the mosin nagant forum a few years back I belive
  15. was he in season and did you have your native american tags?
  16. petrol

    petrol G&G Enthusiast

    I shoot my handguns and Marlin camp .45 mostly at the firing line in burbank.
    once in a while I'll head up to angeles range, but i can't stand the heat in the summer i think the nearest BLM land to los angeles is around 2 hours away.
  17. texnmidwest

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    ROFLMAO!!! I have met a Californian or two I would like to shoot! But, decided it would be way too easy. :09:
  18. bobvonb

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    I have a mosin I need to shoot, Steyr M95s and my 7x57. Come on up to the desert and we can blast some cans and tumbleweeds.
  19. sfsmedic

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    I live in riverside county and shoot IDPA (S&W1911), USPSA (custom built P1640), tactical rifle competitions (AR), and starting to give serious thought to three gun.

    Oh and this is my first post and I desperately want to learn to hunt.
  20. ACfixer

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    I shoot at the local gun club. Convenient but paper target and trap only and that gets a little boring sometimes. I'll sneak some cans and plastic bottles full of water from time to time or even some tannerite but if there are a lot of people there you have to stick to paper.