What Kind of FAL Costs $300?

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  1. Actually, I have just a little more than $300 tied up in my "Mutt", but not much more.

    This gun is built on a second-hand Hesse stainless receiver. The rear swivel, triggerhousing and dustcover come from an R1 kit (note the rust on the dustcover). The bolt/carrier group is a sand-cut inch pattern set. The front sling swivel is from an L1A1. The barrel is an Argie. The front sight and rear aperture are Izzy. The fire control group and body latch parts are StG-58.

    US compliance parts:
    - Penguin economy buttstock
    - IAI pistol grip
    - CAI plastic StG-58 style handguards
    - TAPCO Imbel-style aluminum cocking handle
    - Tapco SS gas piston
    - Hesse receiver (of course)

    I have since swapped out the grenade sight gas plug with the one on my group-buy Imbel.

    I plan to blast and park it and paint it using my ersatz Rhodie pattern.
  2. Here's the finished product. I spent an additional $30 for a stripper clip dustcover.


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    who did your camo?
  4. My daughter and myself. She has laid claim to the gun and she tried to apply my "ersatz Rhodesian" pattern, but said it was too hard. So she modified it into what you see. We used a lot of masking tape and Plasticote Camouflage spray paint. I'll try to get a clearer picture with better lighting soon.

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    I finally got it all put together, checked the headspace last night and it appears good. Hope to test fire today. I've got more than $300 in it, but it was worth it. Thanks for alll your advice.
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  6. Kewl! Let us know how it shoots.

    I am helping a friend assemble and park an Imbel on Saturday. Hopefully, we'll get it done with enough time left for some range time.