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What kind of Savage are you hunting for now?

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Thought this thread might be fun.

What type/caliber/model/accessory/etc. of Savage are you currently prowling around for?

Mine are, in no particular order:

1. Clean, shooter 1899 in .25-35, .32-40, or .38-55.

2. Any clean .250-3000

3. 99 in 7mm/08

4. ANY 99 iff'n the price is right!
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I guess I'd have to say I'd like a 32-40 or 38-55 gun,then I think I'd like to play with a 22 hi-power..........mostly I guess I'd like to get a couple of those 7mm-08's,sell them and pay for the ones I really want to keep.........I really want a clean pre-war anything.
I am thinking on just a action big enough to handel 375 H-H mag got a project I would like to try for futuer bear hunt
I'd sure like to find a first variation1899 F - SRC - the one with the small barrel band. I'm also real interested in pre WWI rifles and carbines with special order features.
I am still searching for a 99T. Any caliber would be fine as it will fill a hole in my collection. A 95 rifle with an octagon barrel would be a great addition as would a 99H carbine of the second variation (no pads on buttstock sides but with barrel band). The reality is that quality collectable Savage 99s are getting so scarce that I will buy anything collectable as it can be traded later. The average gunshow in Canada has few vintage 99s... let alone collector quality.
Bill R
Early 1895/1899's with condition, any caliber any model at a realistic price. I agree with Bill R. Seems like most of what I buy is brought in from the East. I've seen early 1899 rifles that you couldn't sell $50 worth of parts off of sell in the $300-350 through the local auctions.
Its the same here in Wisconsin,I saw a 1899 in 303 last November at a shop,had a half round half octagon,rough condition I thought.0 % blueing left and pretty loose,bore was dark,$700. in a shop,it was gone before I could even check the book to see what it was for sure.Even the post war EG's in 300 are bringing $500 +in 80-85% at the shows,more than I'd pay for sure..
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