What kind of scope mounts are out there that do not require drilling?

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    As the title says, I'm looking for a scope mount for my 91/30 that would not require any drilling at all.
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    Funny you should ask:
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CHBuiBkQlo"]YouTube - Jmeck's Mosin Nagant Scope Mount[/ame]


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    Will this stay zeroed well? Because I have one mount but I'm told it doesn't stay in place all that well due to recoil.
  4. all reports are that it will and does. it's the only conventional scope mount that i'm aware of that doesn't need drilling and tapping.
    what have you got? one of the scout mounts that replace the leaf sight? have you got the scope yet?
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    A7, that mount has been on my Mosin for almost a year now and I have never had to adjust the zero. I've swung my gun around by the scope mount and shook it, then fired and 0 change. I've got a buddy who took some hi-def footage of us shooting it and hopefully I'll be able to grab it from him soon and throw something together, but trust me, the jmeck scope mount beats anything else screwed on or not.

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    Well, I don't have the scope yet, but my dad had bought the mount originally, and he said that it rattled a lot and kept the scope he had from staying zeroed, so he gave it to me to try, and I just haven't had a reason to pop off my rear sight yet because I don't have a scope or anything yet.
  7. don't bother. he already tried and it failed. if it's a 91/30 you're scoping, you can remove the whole rear sight and use the dovetail underneath if you want a scout scope setup or use the jmeck mount if you want a conventional scope setup.
    no reason i can see to buy a long eye relief scope just to try out your dads mount.
    not having anything that will work now, i'd save up till i could afford a good scope and use jmecks mount.
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    While I have great faith in the quality of Jmeck's mount, I have the mechanical aptitude of a rotten orange. I just popped out the rear mount works, and installed a Darrell's Scout scope mount. It is MUCH better than the cheapo deluxe ebay scout scope mounts. Mine hasn't moved a microinch since I installed it. And what was really nice is a couple of weeks after I installed it, Darrell himself called me up to ask me how it worked out. People like him and Jmeck are the best.

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  10. No Man, thanks for pointing out the Advancd Rifle mount. i forgot about that one.
    what mount does accumounts make that dosesn't require drilling?
  11. ahhh........ i found it. can't say i like the idea much though. that's a lot of scope hanging out on the end of a long mount and for eighty bucks i'd use the jmeck instead. way more solid.

    this is the accumount. for some reason i cant post the pic.
    M91/30 Dual purpose mount
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    I'm fairly certain that's what my dad's using now. An S&K mount. The one I've got has a hex bolt that goes where the pin in the rear sight is, and two pointed screws on it.
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    i have the same thing as WH and since i mounted it ihave fored 40 rounds through mine and its still holding zero
  15. I've never scoped any of my Mosins, but if i did it would be with a Jmeck mount or an accumount.

    BTW a7x is amazing. R.I.P Jimmy Sullivan
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    If you do end up removing the rear sight completely, and intend on using the grooves beneath it, you will need some .22 style high rise scope rings. They need to be a .22 style because conventional rings are too large at the base to fit the grooves, that are about 3/8 - 1/2 inch or so in diameter. High rise is necessary so the scope will clear the handguard if you leave it in the original stock and handguard, and also to clear the barrel shank. Wisconsin Hunter's pic looks like a pretty solid mount.

    You might also consider, sites like the Darrel's that Gandog suggested and tested by himself to which he can attest holds a zero, or any other mount that goes in place of the rear sight ramp, may be a bit too high for a good cheek weld to see through the scope. Everyone is different and gets a cheek weld differently, but it's food for thought...