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  1. This is a marine using a 50 cal with a scope in Khe San in 1968. What kind of scope is that? FB_IMG_16034620149829843.jpg
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    Looks like a starlight scope to me ??
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    me too.

    I think it was used more for looking through than aiming.
    you'd just use a sweeping pattern and tracers to walk in on target.
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    lol arnt you supposed to put sandbags on that tripod mount for the .50s to stabilize the thing?
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    I also was thinking about that. How in the heck could you use any scope and get proper eye relief with the thing dancing around.
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  7. Thanks folks, I'm not the sharpest pencil in the box, but I'm at least willing to learn.
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    Like that Starlight. Bit big for my 22 mag though.
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  9. Was thinking similar, like the PVS-4 and the 5 for crew served weapons, larger lens and housing but same image tube. I'm not sure about how they are doing it these days, but with the gen 2 stuff the PVS-4 for regular rifles, the TVS-5 for Opservation / Crew served weapons and the VVS-2 Night Vision periscope for Armored Vehicles all used the same image tubes (MX-9644) in different housings to fit the particular need / use.

    That's one thing that most folks don't understand when they go out and buy commercial "Gen 1" night vision... It's not at all the same as the military Gen 1 because the military stuff used two or three image tubes with the output of one feeding the input of the next etc. where the commercial stuff uses just one tube since to do so on the commercial market would be cost prohibitive, which is why the German Zeiss / Fero Z80's have always fetched a good price on the surplus market ... Three gen 1 tubes put it into early Gen 2 territory and even though it had a little lower gain the resolution on it was higher.

    Similarly the old US Military PVS-4's still fetch $1k USD even though they are older Gen 2's. In part due to the quality of build and Large Optics and the other part is even though they are not the highest LP/MM resolution (32 if I remember correctly) they are 1" format tubes compared to newer 18mm Tubes so the detail is very good for the tube resolution.
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    The USMC operator is laughing. That was a photo op for the folks back home.:usa2:
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    This is what we use these days. And yes the only way I've ever seen a 50 used is to fire a burst, and adjust based on splash.
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