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  1. jerry

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    just listening to the news. Scotland yard says we have terrorist training camps in the US. Due to our liberal gun laws. I guess the first one "accused" is in Alabamma.
    :assult: :mad:
  2. yeah just like their low crime rate because of their gun ban?

  3. BenP

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    You can say goodbye to our training facilities now. That will include any shooting ranges where instructors might teach others in the use of firearms.
  4. Eric

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    They are referring to one of those cheasy para-military training camps designed for those idiots that play D&D growing up. Live for their monthly issue of SoF Magazine. Buy out the local surplus store, and are waiting for the world to collapse. These overweight, out of shape idiots in missmatched fatigues/camis pay a huge chunk of money to go play 'war' for two weeks. Get their 'recondo' certificate and think they are real Green Berets...biggest joke in the world. But I would bet it's the law of supply and demand. I wish I'd come up with the idea, I'd love to take their money! But it definately isn't a terrorist training camp, LOL!

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Lets see...Taliban...Alabam...hmmmm!?!
  6. Stopper

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    How can you take anything out of Britian seriously, I have never met a more obstenate bunch of blow hards in all my life - they know the best way to live and do everything and they ain't afraid to tell you about it. They don't have a leg to stand on without the good ol' US - they are blow hards - their words are weak and their minds weaker.
    I haven't had many good moments with brit's too busy blowing smoke up everyones backside. They out law guns and now the rape rate is 3 or 4 times ours, all violent crimes are 3 or 4 times what ours are except the murder rate. And of course thats the figure they use when they talk guns. You can't protect yourself in Britian and it's gonna be that way here before long - especially if more people listen tot he brit's.

    Jerry - don't believe a thing they say!
  7. Big Dog

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    Cute avatar, Joe. You been cleanin' yer gun again?
    I went paintballing a couple years ago, and found out how out of shape I am. No more field exercises for me, I'll guard the camp!
    If we win a frivolous suit against KFC, we can buy lot'sa guns! And some more 4X cammies. LOL!
  8. I don't know about tango camps, but foreign troops -- been here a long time. Probably one in the same.

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Yep Big Dog, went off in my face again. Keep that up I won't be very purty no more.
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    the brits have been railing on us for years for our gun laws, America has this problem because of thier gunlaws and this problem, bla blah blah blahhh blah, oh wait here come the germans, can you nice gun toting Americans bail our butts out
  11. Eric

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    Did you know that at the beginning of WWII, before 7 DEC 41, there was a program in place where the British asked, begged, and pleaded for American citizens to ship guns to Britain to help fight off the Germans when they invaded. You shipped your gun to the government and they shipped it to Britain. I read an article on this program and "we" shipped ALOT of guns over there. They sure don't seem to remember the past do they.
  12. dadsfreehold

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    greetings, who the hell cares what the british or any of that euro- trash think or say. like the post before stated ,we always have to bail them out of a jam. to me the whole bunch is a third world u n loving burden on our tax dollars. respt submitted dadsfreehold
  13. An island of Nit Witts

    Ya we Americans have all the problems becuase we have guns. Let's revisit the crime rates in London and other areas on that stinking Island. Isn't good ol gun free London the most dangerous city in the world?

    Kiss my American backside!

    You screw up your country your way, we'll screw up our country our way and let's not tell each other how to do it.

    Or we won't come bail your a#$es out for a third time when you get overrun.

    Face it, you sucked enough that we left ya about 230 years ago, why would we let you tell us what to do now?

  14. Logansdad

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    Europe is worse than Kalifornia...
  15. Oxford

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    Europe is not as backward as some Americans think.

    Europe is not as backward as some Americans think. After WWII, when a sizable percentage of Europe's industry was destroyed, America's Marshal Plan assisted many countries to re-develop their factories, roads, and other intra-frastructures. This resulted in some of their factories being more modern and more efficient than a lot of our own. In some cases, because of some of their more modern equipment we provided to them, Europeans have been able to undercut our prices.

    A lot of our heavy industry was tied down with antiquated and more expensive operating equipment making it nearly impossible to compete with Europeans heavy industry. In addition, our labor laws entered into the price equation, too, resulting in somewhat higher prices.

    This resulted in the unfortunate demise of lots of American steelmaking factories, the automobile industry, and other major industries.

    All this being said, and after viewing the things I've mentioned above firsthand, I believe many Europeans have the notion they are the top dog in the world and that America is weak. This just isn't true, though. We have freedoms they only dream of. We have the ability to think, state our opinions freely, chastise those in government, and to own our guns. They live in fear of their past repeating itself.

    By and large we're an optimistic population and believe that we can make the best decisions for ourselves and for our country. We're not restrained with hundreds of languages to deal with daily because of our common English heritage. We've got the best military forces in the world. We've got the best geographic location of any country in the world. Our gasoline prices are the lowest in the world.

    Our freedoms are the greatest in all the world. We're the country where most Europeans and Asians want to visit or immigrate to. The list of American qualities goes on and on.

    Bottom line. Defend our rights. Keep our freedoms to own guns. To hell with Europeans who badmouth America. The're just jealous.

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    neener, neener, neener!:p