What Oil is used for

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    I think it would be a cool idea if we can add to a list of everything that oil is used for, here in the U.S. and then we all can take a look at what we can live without and maybe learn to CONSERVE by the list or at least SUBSITUTE.
    Please No generalizations without a sample, I will demostrate but please add to it and let's see of long it gets and what we could live without..
    Just CUT and PASTE from the previous post and add to it.

    1. Computers
    2. Televisons
    3. Water Bottles
    4. Soda Bottles
    5. Toys
    6. Clothing
    7. Food wrappings

    Electricity (Public)

    1. external lighting
    a. Signage
    b. Advertisements
    c. Decorative markers (driveway lighting, light strings in trees etc)
    d. Las Vegas
    e. more lights than needed lit in buildings
    f. Highway lighting (cars have lights why light up highways such as the Queens near Toronto example only)
    g. Spotlights outside for decoration and viewing pleasure
    h. Decorative building lighting mostly TALL buildings

    2. A/C
    3. refrigeration

    4. heating

    5. maintenance
    a. electric tools
    b. lawn mowers

    6. entertainment
    a. Las Vegas and any Casino area
    b. Games
    c. spot lights

    7. lighting (Home and Office)
    a. driveway and sidewalk markers
    b. rooms
    c. offices
    d. signage
    e. highways and streets
    f. second and third homes and camps
    g. advertisements
    h. entertainment

    8. home
    a. can openers
    b. garbage compacters and disposals
    c. food processors
    d. coffee makers
    e. hot water heaters
    f. vacuum cleaners
    g. knives
    h. toothbrushes
    i. stereos
    j. Televisions
    k. Games
    l. Holiday decorations
    m. pool lighting and accessories
    n. Washing machines and dryers


    1. ATVs
    2. RVs
    3. Tractors
    4. Autos (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc)
    5. Trucks
    6. Boats Pleasure
    7. Jet skiis
    8. Air Craft
    9. Toys
    10. leaf blowers or sweepers
    11. Pressure washers
    12. heating (camps, second homes, empty spaces etc)
    13. generators
    14. compressors
    15. Electricity generating
    16. Large Transportation (buses, trains, planes, ships etc)
    17. Farm Production

    Building materials
    1. Insulations
    2. Siding
    3. Coatings
    4. tarps
    5. Shingles

    Contruction Materials
    1. asphalt
    2. tires
    3. belts

    Household materials
    1. carpeting
    2. lubricating
    3. vinyl
    4. furniture
    5. windows
    6. cabinets
    7. wall covering
    8. sleeping goods
    9. Turf
    10. Hoses
    11. trash bags

    Farm Uses
    1. Hay wrapping

    Recreation Uses
    1. Boat shrink wrapping
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