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    I am relatively new to home ownership. I am finding out all the little things that I have to do to keep it nice. The idiots at the HOA for my neighborhood have informed me I need to paint my house. I have until December 15th to do it. What has me PO’d is that I don’t have the money right now to do it. And they don’t seem to care. I have to first replace some of the wood on the fascia then paint the rest of the house. I might even replace all the wood and do it all at the same time since most of it looks like it could go bad soon anyway. Some is really bad and needs replacing ASAP. I have one friend and myself to do all the work.

    My question is: What is the best brand of paint to use on stucco? And how much do you think I will need to paint a 1700 sq’ house?


    If anyone in the Tucson area wants to help I’ll supply the beer. :wink1:
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    Why did you move into a House in a Homeowner assc? You can use just about any outdoor paint. just use a thick roller on it.

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    see, i told you guys we needed a DIY forum, but noooooooooo.

    i would never buy a house that came with a HOA, bunch of little dictators. but thats too late in this case.

    srt 10 jimbo is right about the paint and brush.
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    I liked the house, the hood and I could afford it. HOA's do suck. A DIY spot would be a good idea. With so many people to ask, someone has to have the right answer. :)
  5. Lowes Valspar is good paint. I have painted house for 30 yrs. I would suggest a satin or semigloss acylic latex with a llimited life time warranty. It will seal the stucco better than flat, and is more washable. 1 1/4" roller. Start at the top trim and work your way down. Make sure your ladder is secure.
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    If you want it to last you need to use a concrete paint . If you use latex you will be doing it again in 5 yrs . The home depot has what they call oops paint it is paint that was mistinted you can get it cheap like 5 gallons for $20 cheap. Rent a sprayer from your local rental store they are easy to use. Spray it with 3 coats it is about the same as rolling it as far as paint applied. But you can paint a 1700 sq/ft home in an afternoon not 3 weeks like with a roller . I would say for 3 coats I would want 10 gallons if you spray it and 30 if you roll it . You can take 2 differant colors of oops paint and do what is called boxing ( mix them together ) I suggest you hit several stores and look for earth tones to use . Don't be afraid to experiament just mix small amounts at first to see if you like the color .
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    The best exterior paint IMO is from sherwin williams. Duration. Carries a life time warranty, good stuff. Use at least a 3/4 nap roller, and be sure to pressure wash with a chemical like TSP.
  8. Sandy Pockets I just typed you a book on how to replace the facer boards. I deleted it because you need to have certain power tools such as a table saw and a Daddo blade. A compund miter saw would be nice to use to. Though it's an easy job for the homeowner to do, you do need the tools to do the job. I replaced a few of my boards. When I removed the first bad board I found they needed square groves cut near the bottom edges where the soffit could slip into them, this is called a Daddo.

    I have every power tool I needed to do the job but you may not and even if you rented them, it might be cheaper if someone who has all the nessiary tools to do it. It's an easy job to do if you have the time and tools.
    If you don't you'll have to pay someone.

    You do know there are exterior spacklings and fillers you can use to patch up these bad area's in the boards. LOL
    A nice assortment of different width putty knives and a good sander will fix you up and it will actually be a good fix.
    When you finish just prime and paint.

    My house is bricked but the gables, facer boards, soffits are wood. I used Home Depot's BEHR Premium Plus Ultra paint to paint the wood parts of my home.
    Right off the bat I noticed this paint was easy to apply, matter of fact it was a pleasure to paint on. Though I put on 2 heavy coats's one was enough. This paint has a primer base and a Lifetime Guarantee.
    I would find out if it could be used on Stucco. It's also rated the very best by Consummer Report. It's a little pricey though.

    If you decide to patch the bad place's in the boards with filler's you'll need to wear a quality dust mask and goggles.
    When you sand this stuff after it dries it makes a tremendous amount of dust.

    I had Home Depot custom blend a PPG color (Pittsburg Paint's) named LLama Brown
    It's not brown though. The brick on my house has differing shades of color in it and LLama Brown was the best color I found because of the brick.

    Good Luck...A.H
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    I like Benjamin Moore myself, but it can get a little Pricey.
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    In this area most pros use a dead flat on stucco. My preference would be Ben Moore Moorlife. It's a bit spendy, though. The Behr Premium from HD worked well the one time I used it. Spot prime any bare or repaired areas with an acrylic primer.
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