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What Shotgun do you use?

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I was just curious what everybody uses when hunting our feathered friends. I use a Remington 1100 with a magnum action and a vent-rib skeet barrel. I've had it over 20 years, and been dove hunting with it almost every one of them. Gave up quail hunting (don't have dogs) because it seemed a bit dangerous. Just started duck hunting this past year.
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Shotguns I use for bird hunting

For dove hunting I use a 12 guage Benelli sport. The Benellis
are light, handle well for pass shooting, and being recoil
operated, are very reliable. I also like the sport because the
chokes can be quickly changed by hand without a choke wrench.
For quail and pheasant, I use a 12 guage Weatherby Athena.
I like over/unders for this type of quick shooting because they come more quickly to the shoulder, being about four inches shorter for the same barrel length as a semi-auto or pump.
However I seldom go less than 28 inches on the barrels for an over/under because the shorter barrels tend to wobble with me.
Also the longer barrels on an upland gun put more weight foreward, which tends to help my shooting. I do not currently have a 20 guage, although that's my wife's choice for quail and pheasants. I prefer to use 20 guage loads in 12 guage guns, when a 20 guage load is all that's required. A 7/8 ounce load in a 12 guage gun will give more consistent patterns because of the larger 12 guage barrel, and the recoil is less in the heavier 12 guage gun. For ducks, geese, and turkeys, I use a Browning
10 guage 3-1/2 inch magnum. I like the extra reach, particularly
with steel shot. Also, the 10 guage, with its larger barrel has a shorter shot column than a 12 guage 3-1/2 inch, making a more
efficient gun for long range pass shooting, in my opinion. The barrel is 28 inches long. For turkey hunting, I have a second 24
inch barrel for the 10 guage, with an extra full turkey choke.
Well that about covers my shotguns for bird hunting.

Best regards,
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tried and true 870 Wingmaster 12 ga. 3" capable but normally use 2 3/4" even with ducks. #3 steel does me fine. Iv'e looked into getting a nice Browning, Remington, or Benelli auto. But, Ive used this same gun since I was 16 (20+ yrs) I put a lot of food on the table with it. I do like to use my Rem Model 31 on the ocasional rabbit or squirrel. I agree with Alwby above, I like 7/8 oz loads in the 12 bore.
My son is the 20 ga expert. He's deadly with his Mossy Bantam. I like to load his AA's to 3/4 oz. he can shoot many rounds of trap with this as well as bring down a determined tree rat.
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