What should I thread my Saiga 7.62x39

Discussion in 'Saiga' started by melloyello, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. Wow that took a while, went through 2 blades to cut the sleeve off.
    But now I have an unthreaded Saiga 762 barrel.

    I was going to cut AK-47 threads, M14x1 LH, but I was thinking using US threads like 1/2x28, OD is 0.55" get an adapter for 1/2 to 5/8x24 so I can use the many many muzzle brakes, hiders and suppressors.

    Thoughts - Pros - Cons - all will be welcome if you handle a rebuttal.

    Thanks All.
  2. jmeck

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    I would stick with 14mm left hand threads as the barrel is sized for that.
    To thread it for 1/2 inch you will likely need to lessen the barrel diameter first, a die will not do this as it is only designed to cut threads, not the entire diameter of what is being threaded. JMO

  3. srt 10 jimbo

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    +1 on the 14mm left hand thread, had my Norinco Hunter done after I loped 6" off the barrel

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  4. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the link.
    I have been watching CNC and Dinzag for over a year and they sell out/sold out fast of the guide and die. And Carolina is in my own state, too bad it is on the very opposite end of me.
  5. JMeck you are on my list for my next project after my Saiga 7.62x39.:)