What states are gun friendly?

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    I have to admit that I live in my own little world. By that I mean that I often take for granted that I live in an extremely gun friendly state, as far as "gun friendly" goes. Being a police officer, I don't have to have a CCW to carry off duty. I can do so anywhere in the state. But if I want to, I can obtain a CCW by simple application due to the fact that I am a police officer. No course to pass, no nothing. My wife obtained her CCW with no problem as well, due to the fact that we are a "shall issue" state.

    I have never had to wait out a waiting period when buying a gun either. Only on one occasion have I seen somebody have to wait more than five minutes as well.

    What is it like in your state? I'm uneducated in this area. Not trying to start a debate or anything. Just curious.....
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    you don't need a license to carry a concealed firearm (as long as you're not a felon) ...Georgia's firearm license is good for 5 years for only $22..Alabama's license is $30 for one year..only good for one year :rolleyes:

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    Arizona and New Mexico. Open carry for non-felon. Any non- felon can carry any firearm they legally own fully loaded in their vehicle (in the driver/passenger compartment). Getting a CCW permit is like falling off a log (but not as cheap as some states).

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    Ohio isn't too bad,we keep fighting for CCW and one minute we win then it gets reversed. My city of Toledo is not all that great. We haven't had a Republican mayor in years and have a big Democrat base because of all the automotive plants in this area. Some handguns have been banned (the dreaded saturday night specials as they called them) and some semi-autos (mini-14, ar's, ak's) This is the only county in the area like this, all the other counties are more rural and thats where me and the wife are heading...I've had enough! By the way I still have the banned guns...5 in all plus my others. They can kiss my gunloving behind. :mad:
  5. background check

    Buying a gun here is usually just a quick background check that takes about 2 minutes and your on your way with a gun.
    That is until today!!!
    I finally found a nice new unissued M48 mauser that was complete with bayonet, sling, cleaning rod, etc.
    I filled out the paperwork and the dealer called it in. It came back as "delayed".
    By law, the reason can't be disclosed to the dealer on the phone. I've NEVER had a problem buying a gun before. Must be some paperwork snafu.
    Now I have to wait until at least Wednesday before trying again. I did ask the dealer to hold the M48 for me until then.
    I just hope it get straightened out soon. I sure want that mauser. Its the nicest I've seen.
    I think I might know what caused the delay though. I went with my brother this morning and he bought a nice Polish M44.
    He has the same birthdate, same place of birth, and of course the same last name......we are twins. That oughta mess with em!:p
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    8C & COUNTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    enough of that. Kentucky is pretty easy going, just the usual Fed stuff. CCCW, but i forgot the details on it.:rolleyes:
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    Dang, in TX you cannot conceal a HANDGUN unless you have a CCW. There is the "is traveling" clause in the Penal Code, but it's merely a defense to prosecution; which means you will still be arrested for unlawful carrying, but you have that defense in court.......
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    Colorado is pretty good,got the insta-check,a few minutes and your out the door. CCW is a mish-mash. Some counties are pretty easy,some are impossible. City of Denver has outlawed almost everything except for cops shooting people,that's still ok there.
  9. Snakebite...the delayed thing just means the FBI techs who runs the computers are either polishing their nails...comparing pictures of their kids and grandkids.....munching on that dozen donuts he brought in and refuses to share....playing video solitaire....finishing that Stephen King novel......reading the pros and cons about the next propositions on the ballot......wondering why their kid got a hemorhoid piercing, etc.

    Unless they have changed it recently the delay was suppose to go in favor of the buyer. But they have recently changed from the DPS doing the check to the FBI. I'm gonna have to check into this one fer ya.

    FEG....where did you get the idea that, in AZ you can carry a gun fully loaded in the vehicle? By fully loaded I assume you mean one in the tube or in the cylinder lined up with the chamber.

    If that IS the case that has changed too, since I retired.
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  10. I assume that a carry permit consists of a shooting test and a hand written test. And let's not forget a background check for Texas.
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    I just left the PRk, and it was h*ll trying to get any gun there. just to get a long gun, I had to do the background check, pay 20 dollars worth of fees, and then wait 10 days. to get a handguns, there's a mandatory safety class. also any mag over 10 rounds is illegal. i don't know about handguns, but a rifle is illegal if it is semi auto and has more than one of the following; pistol grip, flash suppressor, bayonet lug, detachable mag or fixed mag with more that 10rds, or collabsible stock. only legal semi autos are mini 14, M1, M1A, M1 carbine, and sks, and hunting rifles.

    i live in WA state now, and it's much more gun friendly. shall issue state, 60$ for 5 years.
  12. My opinion is, " You Don't Needs the State's Permission To Defend Yourself".
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    Packing.org. I may be wrong. I know this is definitely true for NM, because I read the actual statute (at the NM state website). I have been trying to move to Arizona or New Mexico for several months now (trying to get the job first). This may push me over the edge into just sticking with NM if I was incorrect.
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    louisiana is pretty good on gun laws .you only have to wait about two minutes for a background check and then you are on you'er way .i can't complain hell you can buy a gun in less time then you can cash a check at the bank.
  15. FEG,

    before you decide against our lovely state...the one that more than likely will elect ultra-liberal Janet Napalitano fo the governor, let me check it out.

    It use to be that carrying loaded in a glove box, etc. was considered the same as concealed.

    And, carrying loaded within the vehicle, unless a tag along camper, etc. was a no no.

    It's been many. many moon since I retired, so anything is possible.

    I'll make a couple of calls.
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  16. another danged duplicate post....eeeerrrrrr.

    Why does it do that to me?
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    Here in Mississippi it costs $30 for background check + $100 for the permit the first time, then every 4yrs. renew the permit for $100. Just fill out the paper work & pay up, no qualifying test or anything else. I live just over the line from Tenn. where I work & luckily the states have a reciprocy law.
  18. i won't even get into all the particulars of the unconstitutional, unAmerican laws in this shlty state i don't want to depress you guys!, i want to go back to Az back to freedom!
  19. 8MM,

    C'mon back...be glad to have ya.

    If ya think it's too dangerous to attempt defection on your own we might be able to come up with a black ops mission to rescue you....yepper....fer sure.
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    You can come & get me and bring me back to Tucson as well.