What to do with Iran?

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    So what will end up happening with the US, Israel, and Iran. Iran's nuclear power facility will very shortly becoming online and once so, taking it out will be feasibly impossible do to the radiation damage that would spread afterwords.

    But if it is allowed to go online a nuclear armed Iran is a sure thing.

    The US/Israel can do anything from nothing, to launch limited strikes to their nuke program infrastructure or energy buildings to full out attacks on military, government, and nuke facilities. Depending on the scope of attacks we could severely prolong to stop their nuke program.

    Further more even if the US tries to stay out of this conundrum, depending on what Israel does, we might be drawn into it anyways which will have far reaching affects on US global operations from the middle east to Afghanistan, to perhaps even the home front.

    FOXNews.com - Worst-Case Scenarios: Possible Strike Plans for Iran Involve Risky Options

    Which is worse? A nuclear armed Iran or another large scale conventional conflict in the region. Remember, any strike that Israel plans on will have to involve them launching fighters through the airspace of their not so friendly neighboring countries.
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    The Jew's are God's chosen people and its in his hands. Whatever happens, happens!

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    initiate a war between Iraq and Iran. they have always hated each other.
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    Or maybe they sincerely want nuclear power because it's a better source than fossil fuels. If they do arm, they'll try for Israel first. Maybe they'll wipe each other out.
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    At this point in time, do nothing. The ball is in Iran's control now.
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    I agree with what DW said, I think we need to wait to see what the whack jobs in Iran plan on doing, before jumping to action, they'll dig their own grave if they are not careful. The last thing we need right now is to rush back into another large scale conflict.
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    We did that already...ever hear of the Iran/Contra affair??

    Big part of why we knew that Iraq had WMD's is the fact that we and France sold 'em the stuff to make 'em.

    Evidently they used most of it on the Kurd's after the Iraq/Iran war was done...
    because all we found in Iraq after we kicked their butt was a little over 500 Mustard Gas shells.

    The Mobile Biological Labs, we still have no clue where the heck they are...could be anywhere.
    And WE sold them to Iraq.

    You should remember, Col. Ollie North...the hearings made him Mega-Famous :D
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    Let the U.S. government handle Iran.Once they get control anything Iran tries won't work anyway. ,,,sam.
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    Adding a corrosive chemical to the water needed to cool the reactor would for sure put a hitch in their gitty up if you eat the pipes up you cant run a reactor water is a have to have in the fusion process . Seems pretty easy to me . But I am no nuculer expert .
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    Ava, MO
    Look up "Operation Ajax". It happened in 1951. It pretty much formulated Iran's opinion of the U.S. (understandably).

    We don't need to be in the business of nation building. If we leave Iran alone, they'll leave us alone. What gives us the right to decide whether or not they can have the same technology and/or weapons that we have? To me, it's a pretty far stretch on my sense of logic to take a stance that justifies us saying they can't.

    Of the 9/11 hijackers, 15 were Saudi, 2 were from UAE, 1 from Lebanon, and 1 from Egypt. Bearing that in mind, look how much foreign aid we give to those countries. Look how buddy-buddy we are with Saudi, UAE, and Egypt. Not a single Iranian had anything to do with it.

    Anyway, I ramble, just a thought.
  12. They are going to install the fuel rods today. It looks as though they will become a nuclear nation unless something happens real fast. It will take them 6- 12 months to get enough material for a bomb. But with Russia sending all sorts of material, they have already got a bomb or two. They have the money and enough 'venders' to do that. Iran has not attacked another country for 200 yrs. They have helped aid with IEDS in iraq, and we have had them on the drawing board for 30 yrs. This country is not in a economic place to start another war for Israel. They have nukes, let them handle it. I'm more worried about Pakistan's nuclear stability right now.
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    You are correct.If anyone really wants to become enlightened as to the whats and whys about the whole affair they should read the 911 Commision Report.
    I got my copy at the Oklahoma City bombing memorial.
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    If someone who had sworn to kill you and your family was going to get a gun and you could stop him, would you or would you let him get the gun knowing that sometime in the future he was going to try to kill all of you with it. This is Israel's position with Iran. What they will decide I don't know. Personally, I would stop it now. I know our present Administration doesn't have the intestinal fortitude (GUTS) to assist in the attacks but maybe, just maybe, they will have the guts to tell the Countries not under attack to stay out of it and enforce it with our own air power.