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    I have a friend whose teenage daughter is involved in a relationship with an obsessive and possessive somewhat older neanderthal who's encouraging rebellion and trying to take her away from her family. Father is MAD.

    So from parents and other mature and creative people, any silly or serious ideas of what he could do? He's a law abiding citizen and gun owner, so a lot of stuff is out of bounds.

    Previous ideas include whoopee cushions.
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    Bout all I can say is Pray for the best.Let us know how it turns out. Don't have him talk to the creap she will just find out and be MAD. One of my older sisters got the wrong end of the same tipe of thing. Only he was the same age.There still married but it could be alot better.You know
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  3. Logansdad

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    How old are the players ?

    is she "statutory" age ?...is she trying to shed this cretin ? sounds like a stalker with that brief overview :nod:
  4. Oxford

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    Here's a few thoughts on this problem.


    Regarding your friend:

    That's a tough call because there's so many variables to the family's situation.

    Plus, what works for one may not work for another. I have two daughters who were four years apart in age. With no sons I can't say how they compare to raise. Both went through some rebellion but both turned out ok as adults.

    What I believe is that a parent should not cave in on their beliefs. Be firm, consistant, and fair. That's up to the parents to decide what that means to them.

    Older teenagers, as well as younger one's too, may be very headstrong and do things to irritate parents just to show their independence.

    My advice...pick your battles wisely. Let them win on things that you could live with but don't like, but don't budge on things that you can't live with. Establish rules to live by while living in your home.

    Obviously, these things are easier to say then they are to enforce. Make sure both parents are on the same page. Back each other up. Don't get triangulated, if you know what I mean.

    Tell the girl exactly what the home rules are. Make sure you do exactly what you say you'll do.

    If worse comes to worse...let her bottom out. This is the most difficult thing a parent can do. In most cases the child will eventually come to realize her mistakes and will show signs of wanting to ease back into your good graces as a family again.

    Bottom line...most kids who rebel will in due course become adults who reflect many of their parents same values. I've seen this happen time and again.

    Best of luck to you and keep the faith.

    Oxford :nod:
  5. BattleRifleG3

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    I am 84 miles away from them all and more or less detached. I'm afraid they may end up bottoming out as you say. Still looking for creative responses. Whoopee cushion is too old hat.

    And Logansdad- She is still a minor, but out of insecurity seems locked in. It's wierd stuff, can't really explain it all.
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    OXford, good post, great advice. However, if it becomes necessary, Dad could always take the guy to the gun range to shoot. Ya know, bonding..... **** officer, kid went to shoot the .300winmag and the barrel must have been obstructed! LOL
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    there was not any age diference between me and my wife but boy her parents did not like me at all. they said that i was no good and would never amount to anything. then they said the marrage would never last. the more they treid to get us apart the more we came together. hell her old man even pulled a 38 revolver out on me one time( he didn't know i had my colt ar15 a2 preban with banana clip loaded on the seat) . but any way she ended up running away to live at my house. we have been married for 15 years now and have been together for 16 .We have two kids one is 7 and one is 13.and were still goin strong.
    you have to tell you'er friend to sit down and think about a few things
    1.. is this guy realy bad for her
    2.. does this guy love her
    3..does his daughter love this guy
    4.. am i just mad because of the age diference
    i know that there are probaly other reasons for him to be mad.
    is there a big age diference.and if so how much. what ever you'er friend decides just tell him to think it all out first.
  8. BattleRifleG3

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    Just curious, Tommy, how old were you? She has two years of high school left.
  9. PAPA G

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    a blanket party comes to mind!!!
  10. Lenny2

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    2 solutions:
    1. Have him approach the suitor and explain in plain english that he does not want him to see his audghter any more.
    2. If 1 does not work, get him alone and put a gun to his temple and threaten him with the best game face and worst swearing you got. If he's scared enough, he'll leave. If he's not scared enough, you didn't fo it right.

    If it were my daughter and I was seriously concerned about her welfare and future, I would risk jail time to protect her and look out for her best interest. #2 is risky, but it works.
  11. NRAJOE

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    BRG3, tell your freind to act like he wants to let bygones be bygones, rent a boat, take the guy fishing way out in a lake. Then tell him to rehearse what hes gonna say to the police when he comes back without him!
  12. BattleRifleG3

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    Anything that involves words has been tried. The dude has an apparently low IQ, as exemplified by some of the nutty things he's done with guns and ammo, IE try to fire a 30-06 on a crossbow. Hey, maybe he'll end up shooting himself and bleed to death with no help from anyone.
  13. tommy

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    both me and my wife were 17 at the time and had one year of school left. how old is this guy? the way it sounds is that there is a really big age diference between these two people.If there is i think that if it was my kid i would have to step in. i was just comenting on what happend to me but i understand that things might be diferent in this case.
  14. BenP

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    If the daughter is a minor, have the parents file a restraining order on the clod. Then have them watched, and when he gets together with her again, call the police and have him arrested. If he takes her somewhere against her will with a restraining order on him, that's a kidnapping felony. Then file a civil suit against him while he's in jail and get a bulldog atty to go after him nine ways to sunday.

    You gotta think how to use the system to your advantage.

    If she's of consentual age, they'll have to let her dig her own grave. There's nothing you can legally do to stop her once she's old enough, except write her off. Now, if it were me, he'd be having real trouble trying to walk right now, whether she's old enough or not. He might even be real hard to find if he pushed it.
  15. BattleRifleG3

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    Well, there's 17 and then there's 17. There's me at 17, knowing exactly what I believe with my teenage rebellion actually revolving around principle far more than ambition. Then there's her, trying to escape a difficult family situation not realizing that she'd end up in an infinitely worse one. She doesn't seem to know what she believes anymore.
    Restraining orders are a possibility, but parents can't agree on anything.
    Other creative ideas include slipping feminine hormones into his food. Or maybe the next time the aliens come down looking for specimens I can give them his address.
  16. Mandy

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    :assult: :assult: :assult: :assult: :assult:

    He who messes with my underage daughter is going to meet thy maker.

    :assult: :assult: :assult: :assult: :assult:
  17. tommy

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    i understand you g3. my wife left because i told her that if she needed a place to go she could come to my house. i told her that because her dad is real abusive ( i'm talkin beat the kid till he can't move type of abuse) i seen him beat my brother n law till he was laying in a pool of his own blood. He beat my wife so bad that she had to miss a few weeks of school. and to this day he thinks he did no wrong. Don't get me wrong now if a kid has a wipping comeing thats one thing but don't beat them like he did. hope everything works out ok on you'er end. But like Oxford said there are to many things involved different situationsfor diferent famlies.
  18. BattleRifleG3

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    Abuse makes everything a whole different world.
  19. oneastrix

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    Officer, I swear, he stepped in front of my barrel. He just didn't take the rules of the firing range seriously..... Hint hint
  20. BattleRifleG3

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    Unfortunately the time for that is past, as he knows full well how mad dad is. He's scared to death, even to the point of paranoia. For that reason and others, I think that makes him dangerous.