What was he thinking ?

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  2. Well the BLM have been taking all of this $$ from overseas as well as from corporate and un-registered accounts against election laws...but hey, it is what democRats do. It is what liberal/progressive/communists do.. This guy probably figured...wth?, Everybody else is screwing the system..why not me? I look at it as $200K less these scumbags have to do with what they want...What has BLM done for the black community? Have they offered anything to the black businesses that were obliterated? Have they offered any scholarships? Any job training? NO. All these a?????les do is whine and complain but they are too lazy and ignorant to try and change anything...liberalism is a mental disease.

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    ha ha! scammers getting scammed. they are ALL a bunch of crooks using useful idiot's money to get rich. its what Democraps do.