What was it like when your first child was born?

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    I have been married 1 year as of April 21st. My wife and I are expecting in August. We are super excited and I was just wondering what it was like for you guys (and gals!) when you had your first child.

    Just asking for some stories. Thanks!
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    It was scary during and wonderful when complete. Wife went into "real" labor around 3 am on Sunday morning (these always happen on weekend nights !). Went to hospital; delivery started around 7:45 am. No pain until water broke then exponential for her (if you decide on an epidural, it needs to be before this--they can still give it if you want, but it's too late to do any good). Experienced doc, which was good--baby decided to turn his head around the wrong way at the last minute, which took quite a bit of doing for the doc to work everything out. Traumatic delivery with forceps, alot of blood, and everything (they were getting ready for emer C-section when he just popped out !). Once he came out everything was OK ! Got to see my son--he was yelling to tell us he was OK and has been talking/yelling ever since. That was a wonderful feeling. Very emotional for all of us. Mother was pretty torn up from the delivery, but recovered OK. Spent a couple of days with mom and little boy up all the time just looking at him and making sure he was OK. Indescribable how good it feels to see your child walk, talk, and smile.

    You have a wonderful experience ahead of you. Take good care of Mom, though. Good luck to you three ! Congratulations as well.


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    I had to leave for Iraq when my wife was 6 months pregnant with our first baby. She delivered a month early. It didn't feel real even though she sent plenty of pictures and a video about once a week.
    I met him for the first time 17 days ago when I came back for R&R. I cried when I saw him....my wife cried when she saw me cry...and everybody at our little airport was misty eyed when they walked up to congratulate me (they all spoke to my wife and got the story as they waited for our plane to come in).
    I don't know HOW my wife did the first 5 months on her own! I am doing the "bonding thing" and waking up with him for his midnight feeding...then I get up at 6AM when he does, so my wife can finally get some sleep. I AM EXHAUSTED!
    Get all the sleep you can now, and thank God you are able to be there for the whole experience.
    I can't wait to get back to see them again when I come back for good in January.
    I leave early tomorrow morning, and I miss them both already.
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    lorcin25: Sir; our son was born in 1981 and that day will go down as the longest day of my life. :):34::)
    Something you never forget, God bless you and the Miss'esslorcin25; with your addition/additions:)
  5. It was great. #2 is coming in October. A word of advice though. Be prepared for lack of sleep and if Mama ain't happy, no ones happy!!!
    It definatly was an adjustment. You just can't take off at will anymore. Oh and all the crap you have to haul around, gees. But its all good in the end. When they look up at you and smile you'll know its worth it!!
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    Having been married in 1961, my wife and I were expecting our first child in October, 1964. She had prepared one of our favorite meals of cornbread and beans which we had just begun to eat. Suddenly her water broke and we hurriedly drove to the local hospital in Lawrence, KS on the route we had test driven before. All turned out well and we had a beautiful little baby girl, which we named Melinda.

    Now...Melinda has completed college, become a surgical nurse, and works on the "heart team" at our local hospital in Kansas City, and has two children of her own. And...my wife and I have the pleasure of being around those two grand kids a lot, and seeing the life cycle repeat itself.
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    When you your first child is born, it is Love at first sight, you will never know how quickly your heart can fill with love until you lay eyes on your first born for the first time. It is surreal and one of the happiest moments of your life. I have three children and felt the same way each time one was born.

    Now I am expecting my first grandchild, as a matter of fact we went to the first ultrasound just yesterday. It was pretty awesome, to see that perfect little baby playing in MY Baby's tummy(my oldest daughter). We can't wait!

    Congrats on your first....God Bless the little one and Mom, May they both have a very healthy Pregnancy!
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    I remember OU lost to Kansas while I was in the waiting room October 27, 1984! Seriously, it was a wonderful day because my wife and baby were fine. My daughter is an RN now and works in a neonatal intensive care unit. This is where the premature and babies with problems go after delivery. I can't tell you how thankful I am/was that my little girl was normal. Most deliveries do end up with a good story but some don't. Many people don't know how lucky they are when everything goes well. Enjoy your little one/ones because they will grow up faster than you can imagine.
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    My first child was born on April 27th, 1990 and it was undoubtedly a day I will never forget, I was excited, and nervous at the same time, excited to have a beautiful baby boy, but nervous about being able to be the best dad I could be. Having kids is a wonderful, and challenging experience, but it is definitely worth it.
  10. There isn't a word that I know of that describes the feeling. It was a long long day. I watched my wife suffer all day long and there was nothing I could do about it. It was the most hopeless feeling I've ever felt. When Jame was finally born I was filled with pride for having such a beautiful son, sorrow for all the pain this world brings, hope for making a better world for him, and faith that we are not alone.
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    My oldest will be thirty this year, and is mom to three fine boys. The next one is a career Marine, a staff-sargeant, and the youngest was just accepted at Lawrence-Livermore Nuclear Lab, as a security officer. I'm a proud dad, continually wondering how one man could be so lucky, or fortunate, to have such fine children. The firstborn was a miracle for me, as I had been told I'd prob'ly never be a father, for medical reasons. the rest was icing on the cake!
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    That day will forever be etched in my mind, as will all of our childrens births. Then came the grandchildren. Watching these babies coming into the world, knowing that I played a major role in it has made me realize that I could actually kill someone who would try to hurt any of them and feel no remorse about doing it. Congratulations and good luck.
  13. Being the VERY proud father of a bouncing baby boy that is five months old, I have only one piece of advice. GET ALL THE SLEEP YOU CAN NOW. Parenting is a study in sleep deprivation...
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    It was great, then he turned 19
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    It`s all good.

    We thought it was so much fun............we had 4 more! :34:
    My wife did all the real work, I just worked 2 jobs for many years.
    Now I`ve got 2 hunting buddies and the wife has 3 fellow shoppers.
  16. When our son Brian was born it was the greatest joy in my wife and I life.
    He decided at 4 a.m. in the morning that he would make his grand entrance.
    My wife woke me up and said: I don't feel right, go get ready I may have to go to the hospital.
    I flew into getting ready and off we go.
    When we got to the hospital they take my wife straight to where they take them and told me where the waiting room was.
    My wife and I took lamaze class'es and I kept thinking any minute they were going to call me to come on.
    Which they never did and I was glad they didn't. LOL
    An hour later a Nurse came to me and said Mr:---- Next time your wife goes into labor don't wait so long to bring her to the hospital !
    She said your baby is inches away !
    By 8 a.m. I was the proud Father of a red headed little baby boy. We had more fun with this little feller, it was a wonderful change in our lives.
    I wonder to this day what I lived for before he came along, because when you are blessed with children it seems thats all you live for then.

    He slept at night most of the time to our relief.
    I counldn't wait to get off work and be with him.
    At age 3 he learned Phonics thus learning how to read.
    He loved Hardy boy books.
    His first words were Daddy.
    Brian went on to do well in school, 2 weeks after graduating from high school he entered college.
    He was 18 years old and by the time he was 20 years old he was teaching most ALL
    Science's 7th and 8th grades.
    He also became an EMT then Paramedic and worked as a Paramedic on the week ends.
    After 4 years of teaching public school he came home one day and said teaching sucks.
    I'm going back to college !!! LOL !
    So he resigned as a teacher and went to our biggest in the state of Arkansas Shreiffs department and got hired to be a Dispatcher on the Grave yard shift (full time).
    He then enrolled back in College that's in a town 33 miles away and took Accounting 3 days a week plus other class'es.
    He got another degree in accounting which made 3.

    When he was little and growing up he always wanted to be a Policeman and to our disbelief he bacame a city Police Officer.
    When he attended our Police Acamamy he was noticed by some State Parks Superintendents that befriended him and ask if he might be interested in becomeing a Park Ranger and then a possibly Superintendent of a Park some day and he told them he sure would.
    So they all stayed in touch with him and when an opening came available they told him.
    His first interview for one of our parks was between him and a State Trooper with the Trooper getting the job.
    The next opening Brain got it.
    So he now lives in a Rustic setting just about in the middle of No where, the park he's in encompass'es a small town.
    So he's the only law enforcement Ranger there.

    I sure am proud of him ...A.H
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    lol then they became teenagers lol
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    Some advice when dealing with doctors - if what is going on doesn't feel right - start raising Hell and don't stop.

    My wife went into labor late on a Sunday night and didn't realize it (she felt like crap anyway). She was almost a month early and went to the doctor on Monday afternoon. They told her she was in "light" labor and immediately admitted her. When I got there they administered oxytocin to speed up the labor - at that point she had "0" dilation. At 8 o'clock that night (after 6 hours of heavy labor) the doctor finally showed up - my wife was still dilated to "0" and her water while leaking hadn't broke. The doctor said we'd give it more time and went home. My wife went through heavy labor for another 10 hours and only dilated to 1 centimeter. During this the monitor showed the baby's heart rate would drop to by half during contractions - I questioned this through out the night and was assured by nurses it was "normal". The next morning after 16 hours of heavy labor the doctor finally agreed to do a C section.

    Later we learned that the dropping heart rate was not normal - especially for 16 hours, our neurologist assessed that the doctor wanted to go home and left our son in a dangerous situation - especially given the distress he was in and the fact that my wife wasn't responding to the drugs. After six hours of heavy labor with a big baby and a very small woman the lack of dilation should have been treated more seriously.

    We don't know for sure if this is the source of his epilepsy, but it sure as **** didn't help.

    My wife and I were both "new" to this and relied upon the expert opinion of our doctor instead of going with our own assessment that this didn't seem right. I will never make that mistake again.
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    Well, I remember it like it was just yesterday. Mainly I guess becasue it was just on the 25th of April. Haha! My wife and I got married on March 10th last year and just had our first child. It is the most amazing thing of my life. I would have never guessed that I could love something as much as I love him!
    My wife's water broke about 9:30am, but she didn't realize it until about 11am. I will just say that it doesn't happen like on tv! Haha! It wasn't a huge gush or anything like that, but just a little trickle which is why she didn't know it had broken. She ended up calling the hospital to find out as she was beginning to suspect that is what happened and they told her to come down and they would check it out. So I left work at 11, went home and picked her up, and took her to the hospital. They got us checked in and did a test to make sure that her water had broken and all that. When they found out it had, they sent us upstairs to labor and delivery. She started feeling a lot of pain during contractions around 4 and by 4:30 we had the epidural in. About 5 or so they started giving her pitocin to hurry the labor up and by 10:27pm, there he was! Just in time to see the Suns get their butts handed to them. Haha! What a great feeling though!

    Now, I don't know if any of you have seen the movie Zoolander with Ben Stiller, but if you have, here is my boy's best "Blue Steel". Haha!
    And just hanging out on the couch with his papa.