What was that? A 5.1 Earthquake, that's what!

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by ncnascarlady, Aug 9, 2020.

  1. Nope. You're Southeast of me unless you moved :)
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  2. Stickman

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    Just wait until you get a 7.4! The ice in this pic is 18" thick, when it broke the noise was amazing.It shot a sheet of water 50 feet in the air, then the lights went out. 5D11040A-72D7-4E92-9F90-FAB97863EA53.jpeg
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  3. Big Dog

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    Eighteen feet thick!! Sounds like high arctic conditions!
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  4. grizcty

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    As a Alaskan, I was gonna say you "SISSIES".
    But, Stickman pretty much said it for me. ;)
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  5. Considering it was the strongest to hit the area in 100 years, we're entitled to be excited :p
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  6. PAPA G

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    Glad that you were not earthquake caused you injury neophyte!:)
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  7. AK Hunter

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    I used to work in a factory where large 40,000 ton hydraulic presses were constantly opening & closing. It would take a magnitude of 7 or 8 before I would notice. LOL
  8. Jaison

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    Ha! Was thinking something similar.

    After working around ground-shaking equipment for so long, it would take something sizeable to garner much attention.
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  9. Huey Rider

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    I worked in a forging plant for 30 years. The earth was constantly shaking.
  10. Jim Rau

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    Been there and done that. I lived in AK for 7 years and a quake was a weekly event. But we, my wife, two dogs, and I, were walking on the frozen lake when when one hit. The ice was at least 3 ft thick so we were in no danger, but my wife pissed her pants, the dog freaked out and headed for shore, water squirted up when the ice cracked and pieces of ice flew everywhere. The ice was moving up and down in a wave motion the length of the lake. IT WAS AWESOME!!!:cool: One of the dogs refused to ever walk on the ice again and would just follow along the shoreline.
  11. 63B20

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    Just a stage one training exercise go back to sleep. :)
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  12. graybeard

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    The quake that hit Va in 2011 was interesting - We had just gotten home from Charlottesville, when it hit. My wife was at the front door and felt the vibration in the door handle well before it rumbled through. When she opened the door, our dog shot outta the house and into the Expedition. It was then that I first heard the rumbling - and my eyes were fixated on my neighbor's house behind us - I wanted to see what the he!! was coming through their house.
    .....then the ground started its wavy motion and then jacked it up to a frantic shake - I watched my chimney shake so fast up and down, thought for sure it would collapse in a pile. But nothing, only my power chair in the house got bounced around in the living room. Just a weird experience.
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