What was the first MilSurp you ever fired? Your age and the conditions.

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  1. What was the first MilSurp you ever picked up and fired? What age were you? Did you get hooked on them right there? What were the conditions surrounding it?

    This is my experence.

    Had a .22 since I was 8. Had a lot of shotguns but never had any centerfires. Had a bad experience and sold all the shotguns.
    Was bored one day back in 1997 and wandered into the local Sportsmans Guide Store. They sold all kinds of firearms back then. Had a very long case full of handguns. Racks of rifles behind the counters. Smoke poles hanging on the walls. And a wharehouse full of ammo.
    Finally asked the guy behind the counter what the special was for rifles. He brings these three Mauser M95's out of the back and says he would sell my choice to me for $50. I looked at the three, one did not have a bolt. One was really beat up. One had a stock that had a good size chip out of it.
    I picked the one with the chip out of it. And asked about ammo. The friendly sales guy said they had a case of 440 7x57Mauser for $27. So I said ya give me that too. He starts to ring it up and says in a quiet voice. I can give you a lil extra discount on the rifle. Give it to you for $30 instead seeing as your buying the ammo with it. I of course didnt argue with the gentleman.
    So got the M95 Chileno Mauser and the Ammo and left the store smiling. I took that rifle all apart cleaned it really well and took it out shooting that weekend. Like I said had shotguns but never a centerfire rifle before. I loaded it up and lit one off and BAAABOOOOMMMM that baby had me hooked the first shot. I shot that rifle. My relatives shot it. My friends shot it. My friends kids shot it. Friends of friends shot it. I still love shooting that rifle.
    So went back to SG the next week and the friendly sales guy was there. He said he would give me a deal on a lil different kind of rifle this time.
    Brought out a few M91 Mosin Nagants. Said he would give me my pick for $30 again. So I pick out one and get a case of ammo for it and take that one home. Thats how I got my 1893 M91 Chatterault Mosin Nagant for $30.
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    Good story.
    I was about 17-18 when I fired my first MilSup's.
    A K-98 Mauser my uncle had brought back from Europe after WWII and a Luger he had also brought back. Awesome to say the least.
    But I got hooked when I was 12 and read about the M1 Carbine...that's all it took for me...that and years of wanting.
    I think I'd like to have a K-98 though.

    Started out with a Stevens 1894 single shot .22 that my g'father gave me...still have it. I was about 5 I think.

  3. .22guy

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    Not sure what my first milsurp fired was. Probably my buddy's K-98.

    First one I bought was a Mosin M44, about 100 bucks out the door at Big-5.
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    Mauser 95 chambered in .308. Bought it when I was 20 for $50. REAL POS! gave it away. Been scared to buy a MilSurp since.
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    the first mill surp i fired was a MG 42 at a scout camp, it was a blast 15 boys can burn through a lot of ammo tthrough a MG. the first one i ever bought was off of an old friend a chinese SKS for 40 bucks, alot of money when your 15,
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    New York
    Well, technically it was an Anshutz .22 LR that belonged to a USAR captain who was the supervising officer of all the rifle and skeet ranges at the Boy Scout reservation, because he got it from the Directorate of Civilian Marksmanship (which will tell you how long ago this was). But operationally, it was a paratrooper M-1 Carbine belonging to my wife's cousin's husband at a family reunion. All the cousins - this was at the annual family reunion - were really surprised that the "city boy" could actually hit what he pointed at shooting standing offhand. They were impressed enough that I received an invitation to come deer hunting on the farm with them any time I could slip the leash and get on out there.

    It was shortly after that, that I bought my first one, a Yugo SKS. I still don't have anything the cousins would consider a "real" hunting rifle, except for Grandpa's Model 94 in .30-30. If I get the chance to go out there after deer, it's likely I'll bring Natasha (my scoped ex-Dragoon Mosin). I'll shoot 203 grain softpoints out of her if I can't lay my hands on 180 grain softpoints, being that 180 grain is what she likes best. That's more than enough for deer.
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    My first Mil-surp was a .303 British Jungle Carbine I bought to go deer hunting with when I was 17. That gun kicked like a Mule...
  8. SMLE .303 at 14 as an ACF member. Then a Mk1 Bren, and an SLR in 7.62, (FAL to you )

    Been addicted ever since.

    (ACF = Army Cadet Force, units of which were run by most public schools in UK a long time ago...)
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    technically a enfield mk III* with a engraved sporter stock, I guess I was 17 and I I shot it at a farm, thats about all I remember. First one I bought for myself was a M44, shot at the same farm about a year or 2 later.
  10. At the age of 12 I was officially going 'deer hunting' with my Dad. He borrowed a milsurp Springfield O3-A3 for my use. I had to sight it in myself. It kicked like a mule and was really loud! I got my deer. ..... Big Cholla
  11. British .303 my grandfsther bought from Sears & Roebucks. When he died I got it for $50.
    Years later sold it to pay a Dr bill, and afterward found out my brother had 500 rounds of armour piecing ammo for it.
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    At age 11 in 1958 I got to shoot a WWII 6.5MM Japanese Arisaka that was brought back from the Pacific theater by a neighbor. That had me hooked, so when I was 16 I bought a No.4 Mk 1 Enfield at a Army, Navy surplus store in Crockett, Tx. Yes I remember when 16 year olds could just go by a gun because they wanted to.
  13. SUBMOA

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    I was 30 something . It was my brother in laws 7.62 x39 sks. we were busting clay birds laying on a pea gravel pile with iron sights at about a 100 yds . That was fun but didnt hook me. A few years later I tried a 6.5 x 55 carl gustav swede. I still got one , bought it for $95 at local grocery store.
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    At age 17, friends and I went to a sandpit where I shot an 03 Springfield.
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    at age 22 (be 23 in 2 weeks) when i heard you guys talkin up the Mosin Nagants I decided to buy one for 90 bucks at duhnam's. I have been hooked since and LOVE my mosin!
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    When I was 15 or 16, my Dad bought an M1 Carbine through the local Sheriff's Department. We had a great time plinking with that old carbine. I don't remember any details of the carbine. I assume it was USGI. In the mis 70's, he traded it for a brand new Ruger Mark I. I was crushed! I've still got the Ruger!
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    Mid 1960s i was about 14 or15 my Dad said he would buy me a deer rifle so i ask to go to the army surplus store in Salem Oregon, they had a barrel of milsurps, i looked thru them till i saw a 303 British, YES out the door $16.
    In 1969 we moved back to CA. and surplus stores here didn't have guns.:mad:
  18. blaster

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    I was 11 (1961) and my Grandpa gave me a 6.5 Japanese Arisaka that my dad had brought back from the Pacific. I still have it.
  19. I was about 15 when my dad brought home a Turkish Mauser he bought off a guy a work that had bought a crate of them. I think he gave $60 for it with bayonet and a bandolier full of ammo on strippers. I remember that thing kicked like a mule, but the biggest thing I had shot before that was an old 12 ga, modified choke, bolt action J.C. Higgins.
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    My first was the boyfriends M91, about 8 months ago. Instantly feel in love with it, and had to get my own. So I did :) We now own 3 M91s.