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What was the name of this shotgun??????

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Originaly posted this on a NEF collectors board.....without any luck...about 20?? years ago...NEF?? H&R?? or simaler company made a single shot shot gun...410..with a built in flashlight in the fuzzy old brain keeps thinking it was called something like "home tamer" or "Home Charmer"...or some such thing...was marketed as a self/home defense shotgun...mainly for women I think. In any case kinda like a song stuck in you head...kinda bugging me that I cant think of the name of this shotgun.

Thanks All.:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
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Why not go with one of those Scouts that has the .22lr barrel and the single shot 410 all in one?

Though this Snake Charmer is a neat looking little long gun.....
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