What were the results of Breonna Taylor investigation?

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  1. rando

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    I heard they have national guardsman and law enforcement all over there. Also Curfew. I think they are rioting there tonight. Heard something briefly on Radio while I was in garage working
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  2. Ten Man

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  3. Jaison

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    Two officers shot so far.

    Funny how these spontaneous peaceful protesters got armed so quickly by rental vans conveniently full of BLM and Antifa garbage.

    Louisville needs to nip this now.
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  4. Ten Man

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    As long as these nomad rioters are allowed to "do their thing" and move on to the next location, unscathed, they will continue to cause damage and trouble. Until the police start hammering them with shotgun bean bags, and water cannons at EVERY location they show up, there will be no peace or lawful tranquility.

    All the mayors of these lawless cities are accomplishing, is jacking up the taxes and insurance premiums, due to claims.
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  5. TACAV

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    The stupid libtard media keeps propagating lies. Just like the whole "Hands up, don't shoot!" BS that never happened in Ferguson, MO... That was verified by an independent 3rd party black witness who witnessed that shooting.

    Hands up don't shoot is one of the rally cries of Black LIES Matter.

    Regarding the Breonna Taylor case...

    1. "Breonna Taylor was an EMS worker" and they show her in her EMS uniform.

    She worked as an EMS employee for all of 5 months and then quit her job. Her termination report said "Do Not Rehire" but they dont say why. She quit her job FOUR YEARS AGO BEFORE THIS SHOOTING.

    2. The police SWAT team hit the wrong house.

    They were at the correct house. Breonna Taylor's boyfriend had been getting drugs shipped to her house for him. Hence that was why they had the search warrant. There ended up not being drugs in his house at the time of the warrant but that's not uncommon. In fact it happens a lot.

    3. First they said the police had NO warrant at all for her house.

    They did...

    4. Then they changed their story to the police executed a "No-Knock Search Warrant"

    The police initially had a No-knock warrant based off of her boyfriend's history and other factors however the no-knock warrant was DOWNGRADED by the Police to a knock and announce warrant instead BEFORE they hit the house.

    5. The police never announced themselves when making entry.

    The police SWAT ID'd and announced themselves loud and clear several times before, during and after they breached the door. This was corroborated by a third party independent witness who was a neighbor next door.

    So the police had a valid warrant, executed a knock and announce warrant... while they were still knocking on the door and announcing themselves, Taylor's boyfriend immediately starts firing at the door and shoots one police officer.

    Three officers return fire and Taylor was caught in the crossfire and hit and killed.

    Taylor's boyfriend was arrested and charged with narcotics trafficking and firearms offenses.

    The prosecutor caves to BLM protests and does not charge Taylor's boyfriend with shooting the cop who was there on a valid search warrant and announcing himself while doing so....

    The prosecutor tries to indict three officers on murder charges... Never gonna happen... and even defense attorneys I know were like yea... good luck with that... and of course... the grand jury no bills all the murder charges... because while tragic... its not a murder.

    Yet they indict one of the officers on 3 separate counts of a first-degree wanton endangerment charge.... because one of the rounds he fired missed and went through the sheetrock apartment wall and into the next neighboring unit... and the round didn't even hit anyone. but that neighboring unit was occupied by three people at the time.

    Even attorneys I know now are like... Yea... again.... politics aside... good luck with even those charges... at most that's a civil tort for property damage... not a malcious intent sort of crime just because the officer missed one round while he was in the middle of a gun fight right after his fellow officer was shot...

    So expect more riots if/when the one officer who was indicted gets found not guilty as well. :rolleyes:
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  6. runfiverun

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    by bean bags he means SAW'S.
    and by water cannon he means tanks at 50 MPH.
  7. rando

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    I personally am not ok with just slowing down Antifa or BLM groups. They need to be put into prison and out of commission. Break up these terrorist groups. Ii am not ok with them being slowed or stopped temporary or just keep them at bay or idle for awhile. They are terrorist groups in our country plain and simple on American soil. Its no going to stop until pissed off citizens said that they had enough. Then take it into their own hands and you know what I am saying. Also trace whoever is financing them and paying them. This is a big organization and very organized run by a very wealthy POS Greek guy.
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  8. rando

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    This is not going to stop if we depend on the Government doing it. I personally dont and should not have to worry the rest of my life where and when they will pop up next. I am tired of these thugs even breathing if I could help it.
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  9. ChaZam

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    It's going to get nasty people. Watch your backs, and try to watch the backs of law enforcement too. They are in a very precarious position now.
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  10. TACAV

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    if I was this cop that just got indicted on BS.

    Id do the same thing the 6 cops in Baltimore did over the Freddie Grey case (who were all found not guilty by a black judge who had a reputation for putting corrupt cops in jail)... and waive my right to a jury trial and elect to use my right for a bench trial and hope I get a respectable fair judge...

    meaning i plead my case to one educated (in the law) person who's whole job is rendering fair decisions based on legal FACTS... vs going to a jury trial staffed by 12 morons who couldn't get out of jury duty and who probably have all sorts of pre-dispositions and thoughts and personal qulams about this case no doubt largely influenced by the media propagating a bunch of BS like what I stated above in my first post.
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  11. Ranger4

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    The officer indicted was only for reckless discharge of a firearm. He did not shoot anybody, just fired a bunch of rounds. Seems to me the other 2 officers will testify that he knew the one officer had been shot and firing through the door and wall I think was just an attempt to save the other officers.

    Also, they said that all 3 officers thought she was home alone, so you have the knowledge that there is one person in the apartment shooting at officers, after they had yelled and announced as police. Shooting into a room to try and hit the one shooter he thought was in there should be far more than needed for justification. They have to prove he acted like a crazy person with total disregard of either the people in the room shooting at them, or the people next door. How would he have known his 40 would keep going?

    He was shooting back blindly to save his fellow officers but did not shoot anybody. Enough to ruin his career maybe but not enough for crime. Again, he did not hit anybody, so regardless, it is just an emotional case. I think he will walk and we will have some more riots. It is not going to end soon and not going to end well in my view. Many more will likely die before it is over.
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  12. blaster

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    I agree with everything except the end of the last sentence. Soros is Hungarian not Greek.
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  13. shanebrews

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    There was a recent incident locally where the cop requested a bench trial and was denied. The court wanted to be able to load up a black jury and crucify him. It's still a pending case because he asked that it be transferred to another jurisdiction.
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  14. TXplt

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    Shacking up with a dirtbag drug dealer has its risks.

    And it's possible she was complicit in the whole thing.

    It's a no brainer--when you shoot at cops you're going to get shot at. Period. She happened to get fragged in a melee started by her boyfriend. Whether she was part of the crimes we'll never know.

    Certainly doesn't give anyone the right to torch OTHERS property -- we are essentially in a low level insurgency conflict at this point. A war perpetrated against our citizens. With combatants committing crimes against civilians. It needs to be treated as such.

    I'm getting REALLY tired of the propaganda using 'protest' -- these aren't protests. At best they're riots and more properly they are enemy attacks.
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  15. TXplt

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    I have always shown up when summoned for jury duty.

    I have never tried to evade it, or seem like an unsuitable candidate (and told the truth in a flat calm manner when asked), but have always been excused and never selected.
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  16. runfiverun

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    maybe if a little more back round info on the receiver of the hollow points was released the city could have saved itself 12 million dollars, and this wouldn't be such an issue.

    yeah they put out a nice picture of someone in a uniform all smiling and happy,,, but that was 5 years ago.
    she hadn't worked in months, and neither had her B.F. yet the rent was paid no problem.

    so umm why exactly why were the cops there again?
    it wasn't a wrong address.

    and who shoots through the door [except on Joe's advice] when someone knocks at night time.
    that's gotta be bad for business.
    maybe the words Police and Search Warrant 'triggered' him.
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  17. TACAV

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    What state was that in?
  18. shanebrews

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    The case originated in Portsmouth, the blackest large city in VA. The defendant's legal team has requested that it be sent up to Gloucester County for adjudication.
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