What will it take and how it will happen

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    We all know why the second ammendment was written. But have anyone ever wondered what it would take for that scenario to happen.

    No doubtedly for there to be a repeal of the 2nd and confiscation of all weapons. Are there any other scenarios?

    I actually thought there might be an uprising had Gore actually cheated his way in. But we got lucky.

    Another thing to contemplate: How would the people organize themselves? And how much of the armed forces would defect if this came to be?
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    Phacopsrana Ill Bite.
    Now I believe that the next revalution will be the rich and goverment takeing control over every aspect of our lives..via inplanted chips and computer networks.
    I believe people will go along quitely like sheep...if it is "SOLD" to them as being for their safty... The same will happen when they "repeal" the 2nd amendment or just outlaw bulletts and gun powder...you can keep your guns..but no ammo...

    Many a person with a pry my guns out of my dead hands bumper sticker will quitely demand their attorny whell they sit handcuffed and govenerment agents "help" them to dispose of their firearms...Lets face it if right now as you read this a "SWAT" teem stormed you home you would have little choice but to lay face down on the floor and hope that your not the next Ruby Ridge poster. And that casche of firearms you have been meaning to store...next week of course...would be gone.
    I figure that some people will try to organize...probly along milatary unit type lines. Some will have stored some fireamrs and ammo but I believe you will see theses hastaly formed units to be such a miss match of arms that it will be only by chance if more than one or two members have the same calaber rifle. Additionaly since thouse who would stand aginst the helpfull govement are generaly not the most trusting of types the paranoia will desolve the units....
    Prey bleak and sad outlook..but I bases this on the believe that few of us have the $$ to cache our good guns..ie ar-15 or AKs...so people will at most stash a Mosan NAgant or Turkish mauser. Also no one has come forward to organize people before this happens..either covertly or overtly....and once the Poo poo hits the occalator its too late to get ready.
    The tecknology is in place...some event like 09/11 will give the goverment the excuse it needs to "protect" us and instatue new policies.....

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    well with only about 10% of all gunowners that actually belong to some pro-gun organization like the NRA or GOA, and maybe 10% of those actuallywrite their congressmen and senetors. i don't see much hope. we are a nation of sheep!!! with a few bull terriers in the mix. i wouldn't worry about our military, they will be restricted to post and the international force will come in and do the dirty work. you can't beg for mercy from some third world troop who doesn't understand english:mad:
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    Papa,my thoughts exactly. However,once they start to break-down the doors,I hope some of us will have enough time to bug-out.
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    it may behoove the Clark Kents amongst us to have some unpapered arms stashed somewhere, that is accesible and not on ones property, for round two!!!:nod:
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    Also,bury "stuff" vertically,makes it harder to find,ie. metal detector.

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    here it comes

    I agree that things will go along the lines Doglips described. But I do not believe the government will be as successful in its attempts. They do not have nearly enough people to do this at one time. So by time it begins the word will get out and people will start running to the hills or worse shooting first when they knock on the door. Things will have to be gradual like registering guns and bannning them and then maybe license for ammo. Anyway as things seem to progress down this road enough of us I believe will see what is coming and begin to prepare(like we already haven't). I do think that we have done what the founding fathers intended, that is put the fear of god in the government. I do believe that if it weren't for the large caches of weapons in this country we would be further down this road than we are now.
    The day is coming I believe. Will I be around to see it or will my sons fight this battle with their sons?
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    After 9/11 we have seen at our gun shop and in our local gun club a renewed interest in firearms and perpairedness.
    Our membership at the gun club has almost doubled and we strongly sugjest that all new mwmbers join the NRA or other similar groupto protect our right to bear arms and make our numbers known and heard.
    The angle( she really knows how to get around all NY red tape and BS, she is gun owners friend) that runs our countys pistol permit office has told us that applications for CC have in 7 months doubled that of the last two years total. Like Phacopsrana said they will take them away gradualy so we really don't notice as much, They already have in many states just by outlawing the use of semiautos for hunting this seems like a way of giving the animal a better or sporting chance( like the deer or what ever cares or stands any better chance if I shoot him whith my Rem. 700 verses my AK or SKS or AR hes dead either way) really its ment to limit the amout of semiautos in the state with out looking like an anti gun law. many state now require a spent case with every new hand gun sold. why, so that they can better keep track of your guns. The police don't have the man power or the time to trace spent cases and match them up to a crim scene they don't even lable them right. we sent in over twenty spent cases and paperwork and they lost all the cases. they sugjested that we contact the owners to get a new one for them YAH RIGHT.
    the brady bunch and the clintin gang are only the ones that are in the news the real threats to gun ownership is being waged behind the scenes and hiden in wild life mangement regs.
    Pay attention they are hiding it every where.
    there are alot of good clubs and orginizations out there working on our behalf please encourage every gun owner to join one.
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  10. If, IF, anyone that comes to this forum talking about what they have, what they own and what they will do thinks that big brother isn't watching is about as blind as a headless idiot.....and I DO use the terms to achieve attentiveness.

    First, does anyone in here really know each other? Do we know if, or if not, members are taking note.....what our intents are.....? NO.

    Here's an interesting point to think about....Most think I am a retired cop. Am I? I say I am...I know I am....but am I really"? The guy who says he's 'Joe Blow"......the guy who acts like a likable, every day shooter with no misintents......is he REALLY? You never know.

    I think sometimes silence can be your ally. I, for sure, have been very vocal in here.

    On another issue I had someone "argue till his face fell off" that what is done on the internet is not ALWAYS tracable. BS! The internet was designed with the idea to be able to do just that.
    Anything, and I mean anything, done on the 'net' is tracable. In fact, if they have their sights on someone and what they are up to....it can be less than 24 hours and they know who you are, where you live, what route you take to work, what you've talked about.....etc. Game score: THEM 1- US 0.

    So, for us that have already tipped our hands to the 'man'.....we own what happens to us. Are we persuading the 'man' of power or are we just sealing our fates? Who knows. Maybe we are giving 'them' all they need to defeat us.
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    We know this Dale

    Internet not traceble? Yeah I believe it.... good one Dale.

    I would hope noone here is that naive. The scenarios I have discussed seem to be public knowledge. I wrote this to see what other's thoughts were on these matters and to generate an intelligent conversation. I have to say that I succeded in what I wanted this post to accomplish. Most of the scenarios played out here, I'm sure, have been done 100 fold in a 12x12 room at a basement in the pentagon.

    And so you don't have to ask, NO I do not work for the gov't nor have I ever- for all you Dale Gribbles out there.
  12. ^5 Pha. I love your insight....fer sure. I sure didn't mean to imply anyone in here is misrepresenting themselves. I was just commenting it could happen though.

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    You're right Dale

    Dale makes some good points though - always be careful what you say. You never know whos watching this site. All we need is some HCI junkie to read what we have posted and run off and misrepresent us to the BIB (boys in black). We'd have feds crawling all over this site and I am sure they would try to bait us to see if we are really worth the effort to start a file on.

    On the topic of the internet remember the internet was created by Al Gore and you know how much he hates us gun guys; so I'd bet he would find a way to use it to find out who you are. Seriously though, wasn't it created first for military use?
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    Welp I kinda Like Dale Dribble...but my attitude is that the Goverment already knows what I got..were I live..and what I read..spend my $$ on ect. In todays computer age I have serious doubts that the Mosan I ordered from SOG with my debit card stayed between me and SOG...Im sure some were there is some way for agencies to track the stuff we buy...just like how we end up on mailig list...one company sells your name to others.
    So I keep my bound book up todate with the FFL 03 taped inside it....My attitude is to be fairly open and up front and hope that they spend their time and $$ tracking the people who think they are slick. Like I said on my Mailita post...if you do go on national tv talking stupid then yep someone..some agency will add your name to their guest list...so I make it a point not to get my name associated with extreamist groups...may sympatise with their cause but never join..hang out ect.
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    The liberals in canada are slowly but shurely getting rid of the guns here. They are choking us with paperwork and red tape and lots of the people are getting into bow hunting. They have banned some calabers and guns like 4" and under handguns and .25 and .32 cal handguns. So the people are giving up fast and turning to bow hunting. Also you can't buy bullets without a licence to own guns. But there are ways you can get around all of the laws because they were writen by people who have no clue when it comes to guns. You can make your own ammo and buy reloading components without a licence. And the provinces are refusing to spend there money to enforce the firarms law so where I live the cops and game wardens don't care if you have a firearms licence. Oh well I will go down fighting the paperwork if I have to. I know of so many places to get guns on the Black market so if criminals want guns they will get them. And the law abiding citizen will be defenceless while the crime will rise.
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    "Unpapered guns," Every time I brought that up and suggested folks bought from an unlicensed dealer I was labeled paranoid!
    When the switchblade law was thought up the knife mfgs. said"i don't make much selling switchblades,and this way some compitition will be removed from the market."The law was passed.
    When the domestic dealers saw the laws against foreign guns come up they too thought "This will remove some compitition from the market,"they didn't protest. the laws passed.
    If people would stop buying from licensed dealers perhaps they would protest and this NICS type of crap would be dropped.Maybe?:nod: :nod: :nod: :eek:
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    Not likely! now that the Gov. has a way of traking how many guns are sold and who they is no way in h$%l they are going to give it up.
    And don't think for even a heart beat that they are really destroying these after 72 hours like they tell you they are on a computer record and CAN be accsesed by numerouse Gov. agenceys. they will never admit this though and thats why they will never give it up.
    But I'm with you on wanting it gone though, I hate telling a guy I have known for 20 plus years you can't take your new red lable home and try it at the trap shoot tonight cause the nics check didn't clear yet. I even had id deni a retired state trooper once.
    the criminals arenot buying guns in my store anyway so who is this suposed to stop anyway.

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    I have some guns that were bought through non licensed individuals Legally I might add. I am wondering how many dealers/sheriffs will turn over the papers to the government.

    I imagine that if this became the case then a lot of guns would start being stolen from people's house. I mean the government will not be able to get rid of every gun. There is no way they could track every gun. I have bought from people I know and from people I do not know. If I sell a gun at a gun show then they come up to me and say give us theses 12 guns you have bought. I give them 5 and say the rest were sold. To who they ask? Don't know sold at a gun show some white guy tall ? All they can do is search the house. If they aren't here then they will move on.