whats everybody's favorite 22 rifle

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by lefty o, Mar 20, 2002.

  1. lefty o

    lefty o G&G Evangelist

    mines my dads winchester model 62a pump. talk about a sweet woods gun, and it still shoots just as good as my totaly tricked out 10/22. one of these days ill have to get the old man drunk and con him out of that old gem.
  2. Mick

    Mick G&G Addict


    Mine is a 25N Marlin with a 7 shot mag, and a 4x40 nikko scope.
    I bought it at an auction about 4 years ago, $100 AUS. Old as the hill's by the looks, but straight as a die. first gun I ever owned.

  3. Pumpkinheaver

    Pumpkinheaver G&G Evangelist

    Stock Ruger 10/22 with a 4-12x scope on it.
  4. tommy

    tommy G&G Enthusiast

    i like the ruger for it's accessories but i have a marlin model 60 with a 3x9x40 and i can shoot the china balls out the tree all day no complaints with the old marlin. but there ain't nuthin wronge with ruger
  5. squirrelsniper

    squirrelsniper Guest

    Right now my favorite is my Marlin 880SQ. I have free-floated the barrel and redone the trigger and it will now put 5 CCI Mini-Mag hollowpoints into .5" at 50yds. I don't know exactly how many times it has been shot because I lost count somewhere around the 5,000 mark, but it has certainly been fed its share of the Mini-Mags. I also just bought a CZ 452 Varmint but I haven't got a chance to shoot it yet. If I can get it to shoot as good or better than my 880SQ, it will become my favorite and take over the duty of primary squirrel rifle.:D
  6. mjm90675

    mjm90675 Guest

    my favorite would have to be a old remington 121 with a weaver 3-7 scope. got it from my grandfather when he passed and have taken my share of squirrels with it
  7. RMXMAN34

    RMXMAN34 Guest


    Although I really like my tricked out ruger 10/22, my favorite is still Grandpa's Remington 121, which isn't all so much different than the Winchester 62. They really knew how to make a good 22 back then. I wonder why they still don't make the good old favorites like that anymore,,, how could they not sell.
  8. Pauly

    Pauly Guest

    Sako P94S. A little heavier than average in the varmint model, but the set trigger makes up for it.
  9. ddhartma

    ddhartma Guest

    My favorite would have to be my Marlin Model 100 (pre-1953 vintage). It's a single-shot, open sight, bolt action model that can still print .5 inch or less at 25 yards. It was given to me (used) as a birthday present 40 years ago and since then I replaced the firing pin about 10 years ago, and reblued the barrel this year other than that she's been a beauty. Head shots on squirrel are strictly up to the shooters capability.
  10. Big Dog

    Big Dog Retired IT Dinosaur Wrangler Forum Contributor

    It's a toss-up between "ol' Grandad", a Mossberg 146 I picked up as a rusted relic and restored, or my heavy-barreled Stevens 416.
    Grandad's 20 round magazine and 3-9X40 scope make it a great field gun, but the big 416 is better on the bench. :D
  11. live2hunt

    live2hunt Guest

    Henry Goldenboy for pure fun, nice action and accurate. for more of a target gun, i have a marlin 25N i just bought, $110 buck NIB. put a simmons 3-9x32 on it can have been very impressed with its accuracy so far. have a lot of shooting to do with it though.
  12. MangesMade

    MangesMade G&G Newbie

    Remington Nylon 66 for the past 30 years but after buying a Cz 452 the other day, it's changing my mind fast.
  13. Uncle Red

    Uncle Red Guest

    My very biased vote is for my Marlin M39a made in 1941 topped with a 1952 Weaver 4x scope. In fact my wife liked it so much she had to have one. So we were able to find a M39d made in '71 also topped with a 4x scope for $40 that shoots almost as well as my "a". We have races, she and I, seeing who can shoot a golf ball from a point close to us, to a point far away. The last time we went out shooting we used up over 1K .22 rounds just plinking that afternoon. -UR.
  14. Mike Haycraft

    Mike Haycraft Guest

    Winchester 52 B 3X9X50 redfield scope.
  15. BattleRifleG3

    BattleRifleG3 G&G Evangelist

    Anyone have a Rem 522 Viper? Been looking at them.
  16. AR-tim

    AR-tim Guest

    I like my plain old 10/22 just fine....kinda want the magnum version though.
  17. 6string

    6string Guest

    NEF Sporster single shot .22lr sny, stock and weaver scope rail. That's how thay come stock. $105.95 at WalMart. Great price for a great gun.
  18. Klaus

    Klaus Guest

    Marlin 60W with Tasco Pronghorn scope.
  19. rwelfley

    rwelfley Guest

    marlin model 25 micro grooved with a 3-9x40 keep up with the fancy target models at indoor shoots with it
  20. Gyrene

    Gyrene Guest

    I haven't found too many .22 rifles that I don't like quite well. The one I like best though is my CMP H&R M-12, a single shot 12.5 lb. Target rifle. On sandbags I can put 20 shots through the same hole at 50 feet, using the issued Redfield Palma rear sight with the issued Olympic Globe sight on the front. The hole is centered on the 10 ring on a standard .22 Cal A-32 match target.

    I dislike the high comb on the stock, and am looking for a replacement stock that I can modify. I have found that the ideal position for sighting and firing is with the top of the buttstock against my nose, because the comb is so high. Seems as though it should be at least 3 inches lower. I have every intention of keeping the stock that came with it from the CMP.