What's gonna happen?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Stopper, Apr 10, 2002.

  1. Stopper

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    Ok here we go, What's gonna happen over in Israel?

    I know there are many thoughts, so let's have 'em!
  2. JohnD

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    the epocolips is going to hapen so get your guns(sorry about the spelling).

  3. JohnD. You got that right the apocalypse is in the near future. Stopper I'm a firm believer in revelations. And have been scoffed at for my beliefs. But time will tell. You can check out some of the posters on Mid East Crisis thread. I'm not going to hash that out again at this time.
  4. Stopper

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    Thats the concensus here in the bible belt. I have to agree with you both to some level.

    Isn't revelations in all three books, bible, tora and koran in some form or another?

    Thought I heard or saw something about that, all current religious beliefs come from Abraham, right?

    Then in the words of Rodney King, "Why can't we all just get along?"
  5. Revelation is a New Testament teaching. The majority of the jews hold on to the Old Testament teachings But refuse to believe the truths of Jesus's teaching. They are still waiting for Messiah. Only their messiah won't be who he seems. The first horseman of the Apocalypse.
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  6. JohnD

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    Ok I was actualy kidding but the world is going waka waka wonk down the toilet.
  7. Benny

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    At many points in the near past it seems the apocalypse is close. Who's to say it isn't? To me it seems there are a lot of events pointing to yes at this moment in time. I heard this the other day that they found a 2 headed snake in Spain. I also heard this had some connection with Revelations, anybody know what the connection is? I've read all of Revelations before but I can't seem to remember. But in any case somethings happening that's for darn sure.

  8. Doglips

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    Haveing spent over a year in the Isreal, Lebnon, area I believe that the Isrealies will playcate the US just as little as needed to keep $$ comeing in....The Arabs will wimper and support the palistaniens with $$ and indirect help...threaten to cut oil to us and things like that...The Isrealies will NOT back down..they never have and never will....if they get invaded then I have no doubt they will go nuckler.... I read were Powel is proposeing "observers"...Welp I served as a "Peace Keeper" in Lebnon and we all know how it ended in 1952 and 1983....so I dont see how 2002 will be any diffrent... Is the end near? I read a lot of diffrent religious type text and they seem to point that way..or I read that into them...The survivelist movement of course allways thinks so. I maintain that we are headed towards an age of electronic type control over our freedom.... I dont know how this will end..I mean when gas hits $2 or $3 a gallon and people have to refinance their home to fill up their SUVs how will congress react?
    For know All I can say is Ammo will alwys be acceptable currency in the new world order.
  9. If infact ammo will replace money, I guess I will have a printing press in my garage!
  10. azeeb

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    "found a 2 headed snake in Spain"...

    I've seen a 2 headed baby cow before. That was a sight. I grew up on a dairy farm in michigan. Calf didn't live very long though.
  11. Stopper

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    azeeb - you crack me up, I wonder what the sign of a two headed calf is?

    Probably means more democrats in our future. Crud :-(
  12. Benny

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    I've seen a two headed calf too. There's one mounted above the bar I go to once in a while. I certainly didn't take the two headed snake seriously just a little something for you fellas to think about. My dad is a veterinarian so he see's those two headed calves once in a while.

  13. Calvin

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    I think that whatever will happen, will happen. I'm as prepared as can be, so let it happen. However, if the world goes BOOM tomorrow, I've enjoyed the ride.
  14. Klaus

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    I have seen many mounted Jackalopes and my local gun store has a Chupacabra.
  15. Jesse

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    Guys let me reccomend some really fine reading and study on Revelation and Daniel. There are two authors who I really learned a lot from in the area of Bible Prophecy: Clarence Larkin and Finis Jennings Dake. Both men are dead, but their works are diagramed in charts according to the earth's timeline. The earth's time periods are in blocs which coincide with Biblical history... these blocs are known as DISPENSATIONS. When you study the dispensational history of the earth according to Bible prophecy, everything really becomes clear. I know when I was in Bible College, a course in Daniel/Revelation really cleared things up for me. The previously mentioned authors really helped in class study also. The book by Clarence Larkin I would reccomend is "Daniel". The book by Finis Jennings Dake I would reccomend is "Revelation Expounded". Both authors have numerous other works and all are great. You can try an Amazon search or a search by name.

  16. Oxford

    Oxford G&G Evangelist

    Does anyone think we're paying a lot for gasoline?
    If so you might want to keep your SUV's, 2nd and third cars or trucks, boats, lawnmowers, chain saws, and etc. all filled up?

    Let's do a little basic math. We're paying around $1.30/gallon in the USA, at least that's what it is around Kansas City. In the U.K. they pay around .92 pounds per liter.

    Here's how to convert to US Dollars...

    3.8 liters per gallon
    1.5 USA dollars per pound

    3.8 x 1 x 1.5 = $5.70 per gallon

    This means they're paying $5.70 per gallon for unleaded gasoline in England and similar costs in other Eurpopean countries. Many Americans are still driving two or three gas guzzlers per household, plus other gas using devices. We're not really hurting as much on the gas prices as we let on or we'd reduce our gasoline usage.

    Therefore, we're at the mercy of the oil cartel countries until we really get fed up with prices. Personally, I think we're only blowing hot air when we complain about the high prices of fuel. A high percentage of new vehicles bought this past year were gas guzzlers.

  17. Klaus

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    Too bad technically illiterate people like Mr. Limbaugh keep talking about how safe SUVs and big cars are.The reason that many people are against big vehicles is that, while they are fairly safe for the drivers and passengers, they are extremely hazardous to other vehicles. Simple physics formulas for elastic and inelastic collision energy and momemtum transfer show that a heavier vehicle will cause damage proportional to the SQUARE of the difference in mass. In other words, in a collision, a SUV weighing twice as much as a car will do about four times as much damage to a car than if two cars collided. I used to listen to Rush, but whenever he talks about technology, he is often wrong. I finally stopped listening after the Elian Gonzalez thing where he spent weeks calling the majority of his audience names for not sharing his opinion.
  18. Dennis

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    I like driveing my full size Ford F150
    If there is going to be any crunching going on I want to be the
    Cruncher rather than the "crunched"
    Dont worry I will pay for the fuel.
    I just refuse to be socially engineered
    If some tofu eatin pecholi smelling birkenstock wearing Demacrat
    wants to drive a Japanese motorized rollerskate automobile
    They are allowed to
    It's a free country, thats means ME TO you know.

    It's freedom of choice, if you want a small car then it's your choice to go get one. then YOU have to live with your decision
    and all it entails, including being less protected in an accident
    just like guns KLAUS
    some like 9mm some like .45
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  19. Doglips

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    Im not so much worried about filling up my car....I worry what OTHER people will do to fill up theirs....if we use the $5 per gallon price then 20 gallons =$100....in my neighborhood people smokeing each other over a $20 crack rock...for a $100 they would smoke your whole family....also got to rember trucks pring the stuff to stores...Gas goes up...shipping goes up....prices go up.... Not sure about your boss but my pay wont go up that much if at all....same with the food stamp peoples $$....so when a hamburger is $10 a pound....people goning to eat...and if they aint got or gotss in gangster talk the $$ then they gona have to smoke a homeie or non homie to get it....thats what scars me....
    Course I may just need some more porzac cause Im a paranoid white boy...
    Rember even the paranoid have enemies.
  20. Jessie so I presume that you agree that we haven't entered into the 70th week yet... the book of Daniel.
    Check out David Jeremiah's book ...Escape The Coming Night.
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