Whats it worth?

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  1. Browning

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    Not something asked alot here in the reloading forum. But I had this given to me today by my Great Aunt, was my Great Uncles. Looks to be reloading tools for old 12 guage paper cartriges. None of it has any stampings so don't ask what brand it is. but I'd like to know if it has any collector value, or is it just good conversation pieces?

  2. PAPA G

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    i dunno, what its worth, but sure would look good in the curio cabinet!!!

  3. gandog56

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    Without instructions I would be lost, though.
  4. More of a nice collectable than a useful item. I do have one of those primer inserting tool I picked up at a junk shop on a whim.
  5. chesterwin

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    The top outside pieces deprime the case. The second from the left is a funnel that fits over the shell for pouring the powder. To the right of that is a crimp former. Next to that appears to be either a brass shell or possibly a wad cutter. The main tool is a roll crimper. The wooden handle below that appears to be the handle from a powder scoop with the scoop missing. The tool on the bottom is for seating primers. Pretty nice set there!

    They don't sell for a whole lot. Used to be on ebay all the time and probably still are. That would give you an idea of value. I'd personally keep it if it belonged to family. Anyone that loads blackpowder shotshells would be interested in it if they don't have some or part of the kit already.
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  6. Browning

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    thanks for the info Jim. I figured out what most of it was, u filled in the blanks for me. And you r right about the handle to the scoop with the scoop broken off.

    It was all in a ziplock bag marked 40$ from a yardsale from who knows when.

    And Papa G that is exactly what I'll do with it. maybe make a shadow box sorta deal with it if I can find an ol paper shell to put with it. I think it will look neat in the future man cave. :)
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    I have some paper 12 guage shells if your interested in paying shipping I will send you a couple .
  8. What's it worth? I just paid $10 for a roll crimper on ebay. Mine looks exactly like the one in your photo.