Whats the best Mosin to buy?

Discussion in 'Mosin Nagant' started by ltcboy, Jul 25, 2002.

  1. Guys I'm into the Garand and Mauser but this rifle is starting to catch my attention. What would you recommend to a newbie to buy. I know Im going to get one, but have not decided which one to get.
  2. The first one you see.

    I personally bought the 91/30 first and liked it so much that a m-44 followed then another 91/30, then another M-44 and Ect....

    If I had to choose I think it would be a M-44.
    Good luck

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    i sense another one about to be hooked!!! for the first time buyer i would reccomend that you get the best condition for the price irregardless of model or country of origion. than expand your search as you get more familiar with them GOOD LUCK !!!:nod:

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    For price; unissued M44 about 70$ at gun show.

    For Collectibility; Finnish SKY rifle about 300$.

    For age significance; Hex bbl with Arshin sights.

    For fun anything you can get your hands on. They generally run for about 100$ to 200$ depending on make condition etc... I know a guy who has 3 nagants for 90 each. I just bought 2 SKS and am tapped out.
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    Kinda agree with AllenT on this. The 91/30 have less recoil, more accurate and more Mauser like. The M-44 has more kick, and a big fireball and muzzle blast that make it realy fun to shoot on public ranges if you like attention. My first was a 91/30 and I kept trying to figure out what massive fireball and recoil people were posting about...I would reply I get light recoil and no muzzle blast and people thought I were BS about owning a Mosin.....The M-44 are the cheepest to get...seen then as low as $40is. The 91/30 is longer..like a mauser the M-44 is a "carbine" and the short barrel gives the blast. Scope mounts aside from a scout type mount on any mosin is the same..cut and paste the bolt..drill and tap setup..big hassle. With Iron sites they do well at 100 yrrds...unless your getting old like me:). ALL mosin are the same as for as cleaning..takeing the bolt apart ect...ive mixed and matched some parts like extractors, mag springs ect without problems.

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    Bent mosin bolts

    Hey doglips I found a site taht sells new (mil spec) bent bolts for nagants for 65$ and will number it to match for an extra 15
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    "Come closer, said the spider to the fly"......once the hook is set that is it. I coudn't decide between the M-44 or the 91/30 so I bought both. As said the M-44 has a great kick and fireball which is fun, the longer barrel 91/30 has really good accuracy. Remember, these things are like potato chips, you can't just have one.
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    If you like Mausers, you'll love the big Finnish M39. Beefier stock helps absorb recoil, better sights help accuracy. And it's a good attention getter, as not as many people recognise it.