whats the best way to learn to type?

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  1. Tracer

    Tracer G&G Aussie Dad

    ok gang i'm gonna take the plunge and learn to type with more than two fingers, and maybe not look at the keyboard.How did you learn to achieve (above a 7 year old kid) speed?
  2. 99dragon99

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    I can type pretty fast using 4 fingers and the 2 thumbs. There are lots of "learn how to type" programs out there some free ones too. After you get used to where the keys are, lay a towel over your hands and the keyboard, that way you can't look.

  3. PAPA G

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    i had typing in HS, with real manual typewriters, in the Army i was a teletype operator...same principal QWERTY keyboard.

    didn't type again for 30 years so i had to relearn alot.

    left hand put fingers on asdf, right hand on jkl;' thumbs over the space bar.

    then just practice covering 3 rows of keys with each finger like left pinkie covers qaz.

    this is just a very simple lesson, but it gets harder. speed comes with accuracy, accuracy is the first thing.
  4. Ninja Piper

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    Post more on G&G! As they say, practice, practice, practice!
  5. ChaZam

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    I hope you have more success typing than I have. I have the manual dexterity, the hand eye coordination, and the muscle memory that has allowed me to conquer many things. (including several musical instruments) Mastery of typing is not one of those things, and I no longer have any illusions about it.
  6. BarryHalls

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    Here is how I learned to type 80-110 words per minute, while carrying on a conversation and looking the other person in the eye :)

    My typing instructor had us do 2 things.

    1 Study the keyboard, learn the location of all of the keys, be able to see the layout in your mind.

    2 take a pair of mens knit boxers and cover the keyboard so that you can't see the keys but you can put your hands in the leg holes

    It's frustrating, but you learn to type without looking at your hands quite quickly.

    Then type things that you have to look at, like copying books, and papers, and articles online and such.

    Remember, keep your index fingers on the keys with the bumps, feel for them. use the finger closest to the key to strike it, and keep both hands moving. You will learn to have the free hand hovering over the next key it will strike, indeed, you should have your index finger over the letter 'Y' at and at the same time your ring finger is moving to be over the letter 'O' to strike them both almost instantly to type the word 'you'.
  7. BarryHalls

    BarryHalls G&G Evangelist

    Quite, at my peak I typed 110 words per minute with 99% accuracy, and no spelling or grammar errors. I got away from that and began instant messaging, and shortening words and such, and after that I got away from typing for a while. I got down to typing 80 words per minute and throwing grammar and whole words out the window. I figure I'm back up to about 90 words per minute in the format you see here.

    So, practice, stay in practice, and use correct grammar and such to stay up and be able to write intelligently to professionals.
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  8. grizcty

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    The easiest thing, I have found.
    And is completely FREE.
    Is signing into G&G chat, during the evenings.
    Sometimes I can actually use multiple fingers, and thumbs!
    I am a SLOW typer. (just ask them)

    I have never learned to type.
    But since, have increased my typing speed 100%.
    Because I am trying to keep up, with the conversations.
    The downside, is for the other members.
    Who are trying to read, and decipher it. :scared:
    Because "sometimes", my spelling is not the best. :yikes:

    But in all honesty, it will improve your typing skills.

  9. danf6975

    danf6975 G&G Newbie

    pure genius
  10. danf6975

    danf6975 G&G Newbie

    there used to be a program that i heard was pretty good that you could buy called mavis beacon typing . i know a lot of people that swore by it and they type so fast their hands are a blur
  11. Dutch

    Dutch G&G Evangelist

    In college I discovered that I was not up to par on my typing. I got online and bought a copy of mavis beacon. I only used in for a few times over a few weeks, but it really did help. At the time the lessons were only a few minutes a piece, so it was pretty easy to justify the time it took to do. It was worth the $10 (or whatever) I ended up paying for it. You can probably find a free tool that does the same thing. After college I was still a lot slower then most people who spend as much time in front of a PC that I do. I had to work on not looking at the keys as I typed, but it got easier. I am still no speed demon on the keyboard, but can type and look at someone else now at least.
  12. Dutch

    Dutch G&G Evangelist

    sorry guys, something about using Firefox and being at work. For some reason it is stripping out my carriage returns when I submit the post.
  13. big shrek

    big shrek G&G Evangelist

    I used the original Mavis Beacon program back in the early days...monochrome screen HP computer...LOL

    You can find older MB's as shareware/freeware.

    Within a week you'll be at 35 WPM, easy...after a few weeks, fast as heck ;)
  14. chesterwin

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  15. SwedeSteve

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    Get a nun with a ruler, Works evry (OUCH) time !!
  16. Ninja Piper

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    Best. Reply. Yet.
  17. Tracer

    Tracer G&G Aussie Dad

    no nuns...mizz mavis an me are gonna getbusy.. er typin. slow but sure, i'm tired of 5 minutes to post this
  18. chesterwin

    chesterwin G&G Evangelist

    Playing with mavis is frustrating at first. Stick with it. Good luck buddy. It takes a little time and patience.
  19. SUBMOA

    SUBMOA G&G Evangelist

    8th grade typing teacher had us type the quick brown foxes jumped over the lazy dog - uses all letters
  20. Oxford

    Oxford G&G Evangelist

    In my high school I took two years of typing. Best investment in my lifetime, too. Mrs. Anders, the instructor, required us to keep the blinder caps on all the typing keys so we would learn their positions faster. Worked for me.

    Also, she used a device which made a loud sound for various typing speeds, starting from very low speeds...so I was supposed to type a letter after hearing each sound. The also worked for me.

    Then, (ha) as a teenager I had to milk a lot of cows morning, night/ 365 days a year, so as I milked I mentally imagined a rhythmatic sound as in class and milked to that mental sound(ha).

    And finally, as I think words I also think about the spelling and tense up the correct typing finger for that letter against whatever I'm touching at that time. To this day my wife often times says, "You're typing again." Habits are hard to break.

    So...buy some cows, a cow bell, and get a hard nosed typing teacher and get busy learning to type with all your fingers rather than just hunting and pecking.