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What's the deal with the CMP

Discussion in '1903' started by shaddownone, Mar 16, 2002.

  1. Why the change in the CMP. From the description I read they are shipping out guns reguardless of stock cracks, and selling M1's with significantly worn barrels.

    I think all this stream lining and selling guns that should have been parted out is only going to line the pockets of the top adiministrators. I know If I ordered a $575 garand it better not have a crack in the stock.

    I like the idea you could buy the receiver of choice, but don't throw out QA in the stock inspections. I wanted to get a Garand without the stock and fitting a new camo synthetic on it.
  2. Stock Doc

    Stock Doc G&G Evangelist

    I aggree 110% its a **** shame as far as I'm concerned. Seems like money talks though doesnt it? Rick B:confused:

  3. Also note fewer parts offered

    Looking at the parts avail, looks like they thinned their offerings too. example M14 / M1A parts... you can't get the GI flash supressor.
  4. CMP M1s?

    Do you means the Rack Grade M1s? If so, I hadn't heard about the cracked stocks. CMP does advertise the barrels on a Rack Grade as having need of replacement "after a few thousand rounds". I doubt if they'd send one intentionally with a cracked stock.

    I understand Rack Grade to mean a rifle that someone wants an M1 mainly for a wallhanger, who might take it out evry so often and shot 40-50 rounds or so.

    I'm sure the regular SGs will be as usual. CMP has an excellent reputation for customer service and I doubt that's going to change, especially on their regular SGs.

    Where did you get your information?
  5. Read their descriptions - It's in there

    I have been aware of the CMP since 1998. In the past they would only sell service grade rifles It was their lowest grade they offered. Their throaght erosion not to exceede 5.

    They never offered a rack grade for sale before. They would part them out. Now they are selling them.

    As for the cracked stocks, Look at the description of the service grade carefully and be aware of what else happened. They no longer sell the Service or now new sub-classification "rack" grade without wood. Meaning,,, Ta-daa they pass the junk wood to US.

    A Cracked stock and or front hand guard must be fixed or replaced. It is the top hand guard with a minor crack that can be over looked.

    BE aware, now that the CMP isn't parting out rifles like they used to, spare parts will rise in prices also. Comsumers will pay for it. while Fulton, Orion and all others who sell parts will applaud it.

    I too am a supporting member and have been since 1998, and believe in their original charter, but that doesn't mean I am blind or will over look when their standards are lowered.

    In today's enviroment less service and more cost, I can't help but wonder who's going to get a fat bonus, gas guzzeling SUV or other perks out of this while the supporting shooting community pays for it. It is supposed to be NON-Profit.

    It is like Springfield inc. throwing all the QA rejects 'junk parts' together they produce to compete with the norinco's.

    Don't shoot the messanger - call the CMP and inquire for your self :)
  6. wood that is basically sound but may have minor hairline cracks and may be well used with nicks, bruises and gouges; the three wood components may vary in type of wood (walnut and birch) and condition; components may be a combination of various manufacturers and from different time periods;
  7. Stock Doc

    Stock Doc G&G Evangelist

    Just send them to me and I'll get them straight hehehehehe. Rick B
  8. Just what I said more money more money

    Stock Doc, I am sure you don't work for nothing but what is the refinishing rate?

    Do you fit synthetics ?
  9. VVG

    VVG G&G Newbie

    There is an easy fix - don't buy from them if you feel their prices are out of line. That they chose to sell Rack Grade rifles is now the least expensive way to get spare parts. They sell the spare parts they have, and 37 years after the rifle went out of service, it's not surprising they're running out of things.

    They are committed to selling rifles at the market rate. From what I have seen, their prices are substantially below the market (by $100 to $250) though it varies regionally. As all the money is used to support shooting programs, I'm happy to support them.

    The CMP has just posted their annual report, so you can take a look and decide for yourself if they are meeting their charter. I believe they are.
  10. Stock Doc

    Stock Doc G&G Evangelist

    I Have to say the Garand is still in service in many places. Also market price is no longer. I see Garands sitting at shows every show for $800.00 there not selling but to a few who can't go through the courses or someone that wants one for a reason like special serial numbers or one to complete there collection. CMP flooding the market has seriously brought prices way down on Garands. So yes it is hurting the collecting end of our hobby. Flooding the market can help those in need of parts but hurt the value severly as more people are out there lieing about original rifles they have and trying to get top dollar on them. Rick B
  11. Stock Doc

    Stock Doc G&G Evangelist

    Oh yes I forgot wait to see what that 03 you have is worth in a year along with how many Originals will be up for sale hahaha original yah ok.
    I gaurantee you that the shows will be flooded by summer with 1903's for sale at sickining prices and passed off as Original. Then tell me what good this s all doing? Being able to buy 16 rifles a year is ridiculous.
    I liked collecting the old way and wish it was back. Rick B
  12. Rack Grade vs. SG

    I was going back and forth on a Rack Grade vs. regular SG, but after this discussion and other things I have read, I think I'll go with a SG SA with a politely-worded note asking for a 2-3 million receiver.

    It seems to me if you get an SG with any problems, the CMP will fix it - they always have done so in the past. With a Rack Grade, it seems like you're buying "well-used goods" and your chances of getting something fixed are less.
  13. VVG

    VVG G&G Newbie

    Rick, I hear you about the old days. But I think the reason they are doing this is a concern that future legislation may prevent them from ever selling these guns. So they feel it's now, or never.

    I have three friends that have caught the bug (from me) so if everyone gets out there on the range with theses rifles, we can keep the demand up!
  14. Stock Doc

    Stock Doc G&G Evangelist

    I have to aggree on that many of us discuss if they dont sell them now the Anti Gunners may shut them down and destroy them leaving them with no income. Shame is we even talk like this we should all be writing once a week to get the upper government officials to see this. More than 3/4 of America owns guns and listening to the media you would think only bad guys and 5,000 sportsman had them. **** Shame,, Rick B
  15. jbmi

    jbmi G&G Newbie

    I have two CMP Garands. My son and I shot the course in the summer of 99. We sent away for a SG for him and received a Springfield receiver with all SA parts in about 6 weeks. The rifle was rebarreled in 1955 and looked like it was stored in drain oil . The stock was so black and sticky you could not handle it. After some careful cleaning we found a nice 3 piece walnut stock under the mess that had very few major dings or dents. It shoots great.

    I ordered a Select Grade and it took them 2.5 years to fill that order. What I received was an H&R receiver (appears brand new) rebarreled in 66 with a SA barrel. It's other parts are SA with a Winchester trigger group. The stock was Birch and also appears to be a brand new never issued. The stock was flawless and still had the feel of newly stained wood. It had tape residue on the wood where the three pieces were taped together. It has two cartouche marks (proof firing and boxed eagle/3 stars) Even the web sling I received with it looks new issued. Other than the mismatched parts it appears as if it was never reissued after it was rebarreled in 66.

    I only received this one the past Nov. and have not had a chance to shoot it. Now that the weather is getting better I'm getting the bug to see just what it'll do. These are great rifles with lots of history. I also enjoy them because as an 18 year old Marine in 1964 I carried one of these through my ACT & ITR training at Camp LeJeune, NC
  16. GarandMan

    GarandMan G&G Newbie

    We were disappointed in our select grade M1 from CMP. After waiting over a year it was a run of the mill SA with an ill-fitting stock. Nothing different we could see from the SGs we had received.
    As a result we don't purchase any of the "special rifles" from CMP any longer, and have just about reached the end of the line with a couple of Danish. They were worth the $400 paid.
    Only the CMP directors know why they changed the marketing aspects of the program. It might be a concern future legislation will make it difficult to sell the rifles. Or it could be a concern the demand will curtail at a certain point and the rifles won't move out the door.
    Again, only they know and they aren't talking (good business practices).
    But they are still a good deal from the price vs asking prices (free market).
    And the Danish is the best deal going still, IMHO.
  17. DaveTinNY

    DaveTinNY G&G Newbie

    Jerry, you're going to love it! Witha barrel from '66 it should shoot like a champ.
    I just received two more CMP M1s... One for me and one for Dad. The one I'm giving my father is a 44 SA with a 10-65 barrel. He enjoyed the M1 immensely while he served in the Army back in the early 60's... At that point they were just beginning to switch over to the M14. Anyway, his rifle looks fantastic; the stock just needs to be cleaned up a tad but otherwise the metal is all in superb shape. Nice dark parkerizing. I'm giving it to him on March 30th - five days before his retirement. :)
    Can't wait to go shooting with him again!
    Dave T
  18. I got a 335XXX from CMP in 1999. Obviously rebuilt, but shoots like a dream - I'm just learning how good it can shoot. New stock, reparked -- nice rifle. Like I said, I'll probably go for the standard SG, but I think they are well-worth the money. My 1999 experience made me want another. So, I'm saving -- 10.00 here, 20.00 there. Should reach my goal by late spring or early summer.

    I would be interested to find out what the Rack Grade ones look like. Hopefully, by the time I place my order, well have some feedback from those ordering them.
  19. Collecting

    I think you made some good points, but if you look at the price of M1s, even with all the CMP rifles now on the market, I think price has stayed steady or even gone up. The large number available was balanced out by the large numbers of new collectors coming as a result of "Saving Private Ryan", "Band of Brothers" and others.

    Believe me, I wish I could go back to the "good old days" when a 1903 could be had for $39.95 (Don't want to date myself, but that's what I paid in 1967). But it ain't gonna happen. We're all going to have to work the system to the best of our ability.

    Life was sweet - I was going to buy another SG M1 - now you have choices between SG, Rack Grade and 16 varieties of M1903. For someone with only enough funds to buy ONE more rifle, they're not making this easy!

    Regards, Rick
  20. willys

    willys G&G Newbie

    Im not really sure why all the bitching?
    All the ones I have looked at have been priced around $700 to $800, with a worn barrel. Im gald to get one at the CMP price.