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We were disappointed in our select grade M1 from CMP. After waiting over a year it was a run of the mill SA with an ill-fitting stock. Nothing different we could see from the SGs we had received.
As a result we don't purchase any of the "special rifles" from CMP any longer, and have just about reached the end of the line with a couple of Danish. They were worth the $400 paid.
Only the CMP directors know why they changed the marketing aspects of the program. It might be a concern future legislation will make it difficult to sell the rifles. Or it could be a concern the demand will curtail at a certain point and the rifles won't move out the door.
Again, only they know and they aren't talking (good business practices).
But they are still a good deal from the price vs asking prices (free market).
And the Danish is the best deal going still, IMHO.
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