What's the longest shot you ever took?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by BenP, Mar 18, 2002.

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    Just wondered how far most people are willing to shoot, or have shot at while hunting big game.

    I have yet to take a shot past 100 yards, mostly because I've not seen anything further than that to shoot at. I am either jump shooting them practically underfoot, or else they're a thousand yards out and running away.
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    Ben are you trying to start these guys up again -- remember what happened with Dew's 800 yard Coyote. I can see this string will be fun in the next few days

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    well I aint planning on 800 yards on a yote but am planning on 400 pluss to make it interesting on a deer about 200 yards and beleve it or not it was a intetinal head shot
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    Well since we're talking big game, mine is around 300-350yds (didn't have range-finder, just stepped it off) across a wheat field at a whitetail doe with a Savage 30-06 bolt action and a 3-9x40 Tasco World Class scope. Held a bit high and one shot-one kill, she never knew I was around and dropped right in her tracks with a heart and lung shot. I have no problem with shooting deer at longer range, it's just that I've never tried shooting one at longer range. That's partly due to not seeing them at long range because I normally hunt in the woods and partly due to not seeing anything that I wanted to shoot at long range.

    My favorite shot, that seemed long at the time, was my first deer. I was 7 years old and hunting with my dad. I had the Marlin 30-30 he had bought me and a 3-9x32 simmons scope on it. We were watching the edge of a corn field when we saw a 5 point buck chasing 2 does down the hill beside the field. The buck came out into the cornfield and stopped in an area where I could only see his neck and head facing me. I had a solid rest and my dad told me that when I felt like I could make the shot to take it and I did. It probably wasn't the best judgement call I ever made, but it worked out; 196yd shot right between the eyes. The buck dropped like a sack of sand. To this day I can see that deer falling in the scope as the rifle recoiled. Man what a rush that was.:D
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    nothing wrong with taking long shots as long as your gun has enough power. You do not want to take a 800yard shot at a moose or a deer with a .308, shure you may be able to place that bullet perfectly but it aint going to kill him verry fast. As long as the thing is in range of the guns efectiveness it is ok to shoot if you do your part. I have shot many deer at the 200-250 yards with a .270
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    A few years ago I shot a nice 4 point buck while out sighting in my uncles new 7mm-08 #7 remington. It was a 280 yard shot from one end of a timothy field to the other. Not the farthest shot I ever took but what was so memorable was the fact that the little gun didn't kick much and I got to follow through with the shot like a text book shot. But the deer didn't fall, he just stood there looking around! About 20-30 seconds later he lit out right toward us and dropped about 50 yards or so in the field. When we unzipped the young buck the bullet had passed right through him with very little damage. The bullet passed through the vital area and never so much as scratched an organ, the only thing we figured was his lungs collapsed from the shock.
    I think the farthest shot I ever took was with an old remington 7400 in .270. It was a 350 yard shot, and I had to use a follow up shot as the bullet went through the backbone just over his rib cage a little to far back. The 6 pointer wasn't going anywhere, and when he stood up on his front I let him have it broadside again, down he went. The problem i believe was i held over way to much and should have trusted the guns ability to shoot flat. But 300 yards and an old Tasco 1.75x4 really messed my thinking up. I would love to have that shot again with my new rifle and scope- who knows maybe this year, but it was alot of green between me and Mr. Coatrack for a young man to take.
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    oops forgot to add where it was

    I hunt in Northern NY state, North of the Adirondacks, about 3 miles from Quebec border. Not very many shots like that are had down in Florida.
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    I've got a longrange rig, a Remington Model 700 Varmiter in .308 Win., but have never shot at a deer over 100 yds. there are a few places where I live that you could shoot farther than that. but the best shot that I ever made, that I was proud of was on a groundhog at 143 paces with a Marlin .22 Mag. bolt action with iron sights. aimed at the top of his head and hit him dead center in the upper chest. Off hand. but that was many years ago when I had better eyes. I doubt that I could do that now.
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    Toughest shot I have ever made was shoting a moose running full out away from me in the neck on an old logging road. It was only about a 50 metre shot but I broke it's neck and it dropped on the spot! I really was not certain what the distance was so I shot just low of the back of It's head thinking if it was closer than I thought the bullet would be high and hit it in the back of the head, if it was farther than I thought the bullet would be a little low and break it's neck. It's tough to hit a moose running flat out in the head it's also sometimes hard to judge the distance, you never really know if you are looking at a large moose far away or a smaller moose close up.
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    I don't know the distance exactly. All's I know is they say close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades. Seems to me they're forgettin' the most important one.Skunks!!!
    Out camping a skunk had been in my brother in laws tent, eating buns etc. Never sprayed yet. It returned a little while later, but my Bro in law had already had 1 too many. I picked up his dad's old 30-30 that I never shot before. Wanted to be far enough away to not get sprayed, yet close enough to see it good in twilight with open sights. Only wayas I know to kill a skunk without it spraying is to break the spine, back of the neck. I got the shot off, no spray 1 shot it dropped. They slept in the truck that night but in the morrning it hadn't moved and still did't stink. I dont think sister ever camped since. I also know it was the farthest shot I took, 'cuz I wasn't sure if I was far enough, or too close.
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    The longest shot I have taken on varmint was around 380 yards with a bushmaster .223, open sights, off hand at a prairie dog. I'm just glad there wasn't 2 of them because I'm sure I couldn't have done that twice. As for big game, I've taken muley over 300 yards with my .270 and I've taken 1 whitetail buck with my .357 at 87 paces. I also watched a buddy of mine take an antelope with 1 shot that I ranged at 528 yards with his 7mm Rem Mag. To say the least I was quite impressed.
  12. Pumpkinheaver

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    The longest shot I have ever taken at a big game animal was 275yds give or take a few. Where I hunt 75yds is LONG SHOT.
  13. Paul I

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    The best shot I ever took was when I was 8 or 9 at a woodchuck
    with a pelletgun. Too be young again.
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    Shot a crow 5 doors down from my house with my sherdan
  15. In November 2000, during the second week of deer season here in Manitoba, I was sitting at home about 150 miles from where I go whitetail hunting. I hunt on the farm where I grew up and that my brother and father still farm. My brother's buddies usually descend on the place during the second week, and there's only so much room for bedrolls and elbows, so I was done. I'd filled my tag the first week.

    My brother phones. Unusual in itself. "I gotta tell you this while I still believe it" is how the conversation starts off.

    OK, I have to give you some background here. Imagine you're driving on a good gravel road heading west. You reach a valley (in this case, the mighty, or not, Birdtail River in Manitoba). About 100 yards before you start down into the valley there is a fence that runs south from the road. When you get to the bridge at the bottom of the valley there is another fence running south. This fence is 1/2 mile west of the fence on the top of the hill on the east side. you drive up the hill on the west side of the river and turn left onto a dirt road and go about 1/4 mile south right along the top of the valley. You are about a mile west of the first fence you noticed running south on the east side of the valley. If you drove off the left edge of the lane, you'd drop about 100 feet straight down. (What I'm saying here is that you can see the eastern side of the valley real good. There's nothing in the way but air. On the right hand side of the lane (west side) is bush, usually containing deer. At the end of the 1/4 mile sits the old farmhouse.

    One of my brother's friends is walking along the lane towards the house this particular day, and having missed several good opportunities earlier in the week is feeling somewhat frustrated. He looks east across the valley and sees a buck heading south. Finds a fencepost and looks through his 4X scope sitting on top of his .243 Remington 760 pump and realizes it's a BIG buck. Just standing there. Not a breath of wind. His first shot was high by about 12 feet, he says. Next shot under the belly. The third shot broke the bucks front leg. Buck hops a little ways and stops. Can't figure out what happened. The fourth shot puts him down. They found the nearly intact bullet under the hide on the far side of the front shoulder. Right through the heart.

    How far was it? About 150 yards EAST of the fence at the bottom of the valley. More than half a mile. 4 witnesses. I still don't believe it.
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    my longest shot occured about 5 years ago in the eastern plains of new mexico, i was hunting antelope my hunting buddy went into an arroyo, tying to kick up game, i saw this nice buck ( male, what is the correct name of a male antelope they are goats), he looked nice a good black coloring on the face, could not see his rack, and not moving fast, if you have not hunted antelope they are a blurr, when spooked, i swear thay run 30 miles an hour, shoot at the one in front you may get the one in last, he was maybe 400 yards, my trusty remington 7mmag had my dads old 3 to 10 power redfield, he started to spook and i gauged, him about 10 feet in front , and hit him right through the lungs , really lucky
  17. I recently shot a chipmunk at about 45 feet with open sights and LR CB caps.

    Does that count fer anything?

    I thought it was a buck but when I got there it didn't have any antlers.

    Needless to say I didn't call and report myself to Game and Fish.
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    The longest shot that I have made on game was 420 yards on a Colorado Bull Elk. I made the shot using shooting stix and by using a range finder. The Rifle was a Ruger Model 77 MKII Stainless in 7MM Mag. the Bullet was a Nosler 160 grain Partition. The Elk traveled approx 100 yards and fell. I must say that I wish that I could have got closer but he was across a canyon. :nod:
  19. A chipmunk--shame on you, but its ok if you ate it.
  20. NRAJOE

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    Yesterday, 5,000 yds, hair off a gnats ***, no really Elvis was there with me! Alright I'll tell the truth just once...100 YDS White tail deer... .270... broke his front leg,shot went low,felt like crap, had to track him for 1 1/2 hrs. Put him out when I found him. Stroked his hide for ten minutes just because of what he went through. Donated him to homeless shelter to make up for my lack of control and reasoning.