What's the wierdest, neatest, or most spectacular thing you shot?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by BattleRifleG3, Jul 12, 2002.

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    Mine would have to be a tie between:
    1. A milk jug with a Brenneke Slug out of a Rem 870. It was a massive blast, which he taped. It filled the entire screen for a moment and left the jug torn into pieces.
    2. Tinky Winky the Telletubby, point blank with #7.5 shot from a Mossberg 500. Shotshells have a way of disintegrating stuffed animals.
    3. A small television with an AR-180 at about 75 yds. It first put a hole through the glass, which seemed to crackle but not break. Next shot broke it all, with plenty of smoke.
    4. I blew the head of an N-Stink Doll with my SKS at 50yds. Can't say I was aiming. Never found the head.
    5. A yellow glob of Gak (very, very loose rubber) formed into the shape of Pokemon. Spectacularly destroyed by 00 buck.
    6. I hit a kid's meal electronic Pikachu with an AR-180. Sparks flew out. This is particularly funny considering that the cartoon character emits electricity.

    Coming soon:
    Death of a real, formerly functional Furby
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    I shot my Jack In The Box (We call it jack in the crack) antenna ball. It is a cute little winter special ball with earmuffs and a scarf. I shot him with my AMT Backup .40. It was muzzle contact. I particularly like the powder burns.
    It was stolen off my antenna about a week after I did it. So I made another one. This time with my EAA .357 2". The magnum round makes for a better powder burn. That one is displayed with pride on my antenna now. Every once in a while people look at it closely in a parking lot. Shooters are identifiable by their small laugh as they recognize what caused the small hole in Jacks head.

  3. 1: stuffed doll w/ rubber head at 50yds, w/ 8mm mauser, i was firing from prone and the doll was on top of a target frame so the round hit in the stomach and veered into the vertical went straight through the doll taking the head which was a sort of dence rubber, with it, the head flew about 35 feet in the air, then my buddy shot the head as it hit the ground with his SKS, let me tell you, we couldn't stop laughing for 20 minutes!, i still have the doll we couldn't find the head.
    2: a barbie doll filled with ketchup, the head was filled with jello, it would have been more fun if it had been in a little closer, because when it was hit all we saw was a red cloud for about 5 feet around, all we found of it was the arms, and legs, everything else was completly destroyed!!!!:assult:
  4. Stock Doc

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    Pumpkins with black powder, beer cans with a bit of water in them shot with 22's and small bricks with a Garand 3006 these all make for a good show when they get dusted hehehehe.
    There was the time 5 of us used 22's ,and 223 in semi autos to make a water melon melt on video in about 30 seconds but there still nothing better then a 120 yard shot on a White Tail or a 70 yard Ringneck after my Shorthair goes on point. Rick B
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    Unopened cans of "Bubba Cola" (Real name of the stuff) allowed to sit in the florida sun for awile and shaken....shoot with a 454 Cas and 45/70 both proved exalent 1 stot stops on attacking soda cans....sent peices all over the place.
  6. Lenny 2 -- small hole with 357 mag at close range. You need a bigger caliber.
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    Years ago the Motorcycle club I was with had a "Mad Minute" on a Honda gas tank, about 20 of us,the tank was getting hit with everything from .22's to 30.06 to 12 ga. Thing was bouncing all over,and looked like swiss cheese.
  8. Stopper

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    milk jugs filled with water using a friends .170, 200 yards. Big misty cloud of water.
  9. jerry

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    Hey Lenny. I remember jack in the crack from my Tucson days! I LOL'd big time when I read that!
    Water jugs with the .308 video taped close range.
    Them go boom targets
    charcoal briquets
    the ocassional 12 ga stuck in a log, mellon or something, hit on the primer w/ a .22. Of course I've just seen this done and wouldn't recomend it at home :)
  10. Rooster

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    White cat(or any cat in the wild) - 100yds - 7mm Rem.Mag - need I say more:assult:
  11. jerry

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    I hear they turn inside out
  12. Stock Doc

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    i shot a sparrow in accident while aiming at a mule deer, missed big time at the deer, hit the sparrow,stock doc I like your dog looks like a dalmation with night sensor gear, cant identify the rifle
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    It looks like an M-1 carbine, 15 or 20 round stock with the two mag pouch on the buttstock....I once went to the range with a Glock 21 .45ACP...this guy at the next table was teaching his son and his son's buddies how to shoot. He was a type A personality who tryed to hit a milkjug at 15 yards with a 6 inch barreled Taurus .357..He never did hit it but, I drew a bead on a box at 100 yards..He yelled "Hey look this idiot is going to shoot his Glock at a hundred yards !" My bud at the next table said "What the heck are you doing ?" that first shot almost knocked that box over...My buddy still to this day, even though he saw it...still says "I can't believe you hit it and kept on hitting it"...I'm not that good a shot but I was having a really good day
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    I mean an M-1 carbine with a 15 round magazine...not stock
  16. jerry

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    for fun we shoot clay pigeons with pistols at the 100 yd birm. It takes a few shots to zero and yes some degree of luck is involved when ther is a hit. But, it's a blast.
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  18. The funniest shot I ever took was with a pellet rifle on a cockroach. A house I rented had roaches in it and I saw one crawling on the wall just above the front doorway. I took aim and it hit him exact dead center. He never moved and was stuck to the wall. I left him up there for months so I could brag about that shot with my friends. It also served as a warning to other cockroaches.
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    I used to shoot miller moth's in a house I rented with a BB gun,these things were HUGE.
  20. NRAJOE

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    Always had fun when I was the squad machine gunner getting to rip through 20,000 rds of ammo with the squad .30 cal!