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whats up with my SKS?

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I got a pretty nice Romainian SKS w/(short)scope. I shot it a little bit today (30 rounds) and still didn't get the scope completly sighted in yet. but I did notice it has a problem. I don't think its ejecting the spent cases correctly, when I fire it it catches the spent case in the bolt and or bolt carrier. I don't know why, I'm thinking maybe the case is bounceing off the scope but i don't know it is a short scope, going back twords the action and geeting caught by the bolt a/o bolt carrier. so I have only been shooting it single shot because it keeps jamming like that (even with only shooting it single shot)(although I was able to shoot 2 or 3 shots in a row once, and it caught the 3rd case in the bolt). does anyone have an idea why it is doing this? I really would like to shoot a whole 10 round mag out of this thing (continuaously, not haveing to un-jam the spent case after each shot)
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no maybe i should try that but i almost have it sighted in i dont really wanna take it off but that would confirm if its the scope thats causing the problem.

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when i would load the mag wit more than 1 shot it normaly would pick up a new round but it would still catch the spent case so i only loaded 1 shot into the mag at a time, ill look at the scope but i dont kanow if it will be niked i have flip up scpe coves on it. thanx for all the help and sugestions guys
how is the recoil spring supposed to go? because it may be in wrong because me and my dad took the gun apart to clean it and we didnt know how it went in so we just put it in. so that may be the problem that its in wrong
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