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whats up with my SKS?

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I got a pretty nice Romainian SKS w/(short)scope. I shot it a little bit today (30 rounds) and still didn't get the scope completly sighted in yet. but I did notice it has a problem. I don't think its ejecting the spent cases correctly, when I fire it it catches the spent case in the bolt and or bolt carrier. I don't know why, I'm thinking maybe the case is bounceing off the scope but i don't know it is a short scope, going back twords the action and geeting caught by the bolt a/o bolt carrier. so I have only been shooting it single shot because it keeps jamming like that (even with only shooting it single shot)(although I was able to shoot 2 or 3 shots in a row once, and it caught the 3rd case in the bolt). does anyone have an idea why it is doing this? I really would like to shoot a whole 10 round mag out of this thing (continuaously, not haveing to un-jam the spent case after each shot)
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Look-- have somebody watch the brass eject, while you are shooting--maybe that will give you a clue. And pay attention to where the brass falls.
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