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I have a no-name Chinese made automatic that I picked up at the flea market at age 12. It was my every day knife until two years ago when it finally lost its edge, and I haven't had a chance to dig out the whetstone. How dare a $12 knife do that after 28 years of regular use and only one previous sharpening.

Now I bulk-buy those Ridge Runner knives from Bud K. At work I'm always needing to open boxes, and those are sharp, reliable knives that hold an edge for a while, and they are so cheap, I don't panic when I leave one by my workbench or loading dock or a stump or something. I've got two jars, and every time my dad stops by the shop he kidnaps a knife out of the jar, too.

But jeez, my jar says $3.99 each on them. They've gone up two bucks a piece on the container, and $19 from what I used to pay not more than a year or so ago.

I own "better" knives, including ones carried by both my grandfathers, but I don't enjoy carrying them because they are too nice/expensive/sentimental/bloody sharp and easily fumbled.
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