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This was one of my earliest EDC knives while I was in the military. The Buck 501 Squire, I did a bit of embelishing on it to make it stand out and be different than anyone elses. A coworker in Ft Worth Texas (Carswell AFB) asked to borrow it for a moment, I told him it was sharp so be careful, I distinctly remember hearing "Oh damn, it is sharp." I turned around and he was bleeding like a stuck pig from his thumb. We took him to the base ER to get checked and some stitches as it turned out. I took a photo of him with his bandaged thumb, made a safety poster called it "Safety Awareness Recognition" with a brief explanation of the incident and stuck it on the bulletin board. When I filled out the safety incident report that goes to the squadron commander, 1st Sgt, and our Safety Rep, I included a copy of the was provided to all the different sections in the Squadron, he was famous.
Here's a photo of the Buck knife with a Gerber
View attachment 173924
I have both of those knives. The buck since about 1980 and I too carried it on the former Carlswell AFB, they closed the base and made it a reserve base I think. The other is clipped in my bug out/bad weather/mobility bag. I have a large number of knives and carry changes with need.

I live about 75 miles from Jantz Supply the largest supplier of knife building supplies in the world. I have built a few over the years, mostly from near finished blades. You can buy the finest steel and Wooley mammoth for handles if you want. For that reason I am not a brand snob. Many of the expensive knives are more advertising hype than quality in my view. I have some $500 knives, they spent most of their time in the safe. Any Buck or Gerber will work in the folders for me. I carry the two blade case Trapper as often as any. We have a family member that stocks all brands in their store so I have access to them at a decent price.

The one cheap knife I bought online that I recommend to anyone for construction work or survival is a Mossberg branded knife by Myerco. I liked it so much I bought a second one but doubt I could ever wear it out or break it. Better than any $300 folder I have ever seen. and I think it was only $40 or so. Meyerco MOTACT Mossberg Tactical Assisted Open Knife . It is a very heavy knife, built for rugged use, something I would have carried on deployments long ago. I carry it where I cannot carry a gun.

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About this item

  • The Mossberg Assisted Opening Liner Lock Knife is the perfect choice for personal carry
  • In addition to the popular liner lock, the Mossberg Assisted Opening Liner Lock Knife features a honed, 420 stainless steel titanium coated blade
  • Rugged G-10 handle and reversible clip
  • Measures 4-3/4" closed, 8-1/8" open
  • Limited lifetime warranty
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