Whats your favorite 22lr.

Discussion in '.22/rimfire' started by marlin795 man, Jan 10, 2014.

  1. EWY270

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    I have two CZ 452s. One is the American and the other is a full stock. Both rifles shoot very well. My wife has a 452 Lux and it is also a tack driver.
    My MKIII 22/45 is my favorite .22 pistol. When the pistol was scoped and shot from a rest the groups were hard to believe. I have a dot on it now but I am thinking about using the iron sights again. My S&W model 64 is a nice little gun but I have never been able to shoot it all that well.
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  2. rando

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    Yes they are nice rifles. Very reliable and accurate. I have two of them. I found both of them at gun shows and are older of course but they both have the side metal deflector which is missing on most. Also both are in like new condition for their age.
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  3. minkowski1552

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    Marlin xt-22 with a BSA sweet 22 scope on it. I'm also going to buy next month a Walther P22.
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  4. gandog56

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    I'm undecided here. Is it my Highly modified Buck Rodgers looking Browning Buckmaster with the 10 1/2" Tactical Solutions barrel, or my new Ruger Mark IV Target? Both of them are pretty sweet.
  5. minkowski1552

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    I'd go with the Ruger.
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  6. gandog56

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    Awww, but my Marvin The Martian Browning looks so cool!
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