Whats your favorite Mauser?

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  1. So there are a ton of different Mausers out there. I really like to shoot Mausers because of the Quality feel they have to them. So what is your favorite Mauser to shoot or to own or looking. Id say pick one but on here that aint happening so list any or all favorites and why. I will post mine after I go take a pic of it. Everyone likes pics on here.
  2. You are right, can't pick just one, so here goes:

    For condition, my new-looking Swede M38, dated 1901.

    For looks, my Persian with that long, wicked looking bayonet on it.

    For accuracy, my 98/22's. They are tack drivers. My eyes with open sights, 2" groups @ 100 yards using Turk ball is pretty good.

    For attention received at the range, my beat-up looking, tomato stake stocked, pitted bore, minute of pie plate, iron-sighted, scrubbed Yugo marked K98. For some reason this is the one that has attracted the most attention at the range. I figure one reason is that other shooters could identify it as a K98 and could open a conversation without sounding dumb. I also wonder if it was because they thought I was nuts for firing such a beat up looking gun. I was using one of those scope targets with a big grid in the center and a small target in each corner. Purely by fluke I got a 1 1/2" group on one of the corner targets at 50 yards. I wasn't even aiming for it. Of course, I claimed it was on purpose. :scool:

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    My favorite is my Spanish FR8. Beautiful little short rifle, and a very good shooter. The .308Win. ammo is more available locally too.
  4. Here are my two favorite Mausers. One is like Cheepblaster's. Its got a dinged up stock that looks like it was used for pounding nails. The blue is gone on the receiver. I paid a whopping $25 for it. But it shoots like its brand new. Its an 1895 Chileno Mauser in 7x57 (7mm Mauser).

    The lighter one is an 1895 Chileno Mauser Carbine in 7x57. This one is very nice with great wood and metal. But a short rifle in 7mm Mauser is really a shoulder shocker. I mean thiis thing kicks like a mule on steroids.

    They are the lower two in the rack.
    Those are my favorites.



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    My K98 BYF 42 Russian capture I picked up at a Centralia gun show last time I went. Just too good of a deal to pass up.

    And my 1940 Turk Mauser I picked up for $100 OTD at a pawn shop which was awesome. It shoots well too. But its the biggest rifle I have in the safe, bigger than all of the shotguns and the Mosin 91/30. I guess they are the only two that I have, but they are my favorites :)
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    Its a tie between 1909 Argentine Mausers and K98s. Both are my favorites.
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    I like my M-48. Not a real mil-surp in my opinion but mine shoots very nice, in fact I use it as a hunting rifle.
  8. I own a 1909 Mauser 98 in 7.65 caliber and I beleive it to be one of the best.
    The actions on these are the most desirable to use to build a custom rifle, so I've read many times...A.H
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    My Swede M96. She's just beautiful to me.
  10. I've only had three. My first was a 1940's Turk and I can't remember what year exactly cause I GAVE that one to a buddy. It had a stong action, but was a $40 jolopy! I couldn't get a group outta it even from a benchrest at first, so I counter bored it about **** near 3.5" before it started grouping from a rest, but free handed I stil couldn't get a group, but when I give it to him, he nails everything he's aiming at! So it's his now, seeing how it loves him and hated me! lol My other two are my favorites though. My Chilean 95 for it's age ad the way it feels during operation, but it was bubba'd sumtin aweful! Not to mention, it's rifling in the muzzle is also a thing of history. $70 still well spent with her old *** though! Then my most favorite is my Spanish M43. That's a bueat that I picked up in perfect eye popping condition for $90 and it shoots really well and just looks great! It's not a big fan of old hot military loads though....makes her bayonet lug and both barrels band fall off?!?! lol So, gotta buy that expensive Mitchel's Mauser stuff for her so I don'r shoot it much. Lastly, I would like to pick up a Spanish FR7/FR8 some day. I think those look the meanest.
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    these 2 are my favorites. a swede 96, and K98 both modified, and very accurate. ive got some stockers too, but they are not as much fun.
  12. Hey on those 98/22s. is that what some would call a "Turkish Mauser"??
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    My favorite mauser is the one tearing apart at the moment to build into a beautiful custom rifle with a beep high polished blue beautifully figured walnut stock with finely cut checkering and a perfect finish. Just my opinion.
  14. Capt'n, I like your Chilean 95! I wish mine was in just half as good of shape!

    Good lookin 98 Iron. Looks like she just came off the like ready for the war!

    Beautiful Swede Left O....I really like how that scope and mount just seem to fit like it was designed to be like that. Nice set up!

    Gosh....I think I'mma see a lot of great Mausers on this thread! LOL
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  15. My first and favorite is a genuine German Kar98K. This was the very first "big" rifle I shot as a young kid. Still have good memories. It has all the swastikas and eagles on it. It is still owned by a member of my family. It just gets passed along and will hopefully always remain in my family. It has put a lot of deer and elk on the table.
    Out of all the Mausers I have I can narrow it down to 3. Two are 96 Swedes. One was made in 1898 and all original with the weird adjustable rear sight. The other 96 will shoot the balls off a fly at 100 yards with handloads. The barrel on these are longer than a 91/30 and it needs a healthy dose of slower powder than milsurp stuff.
    My other is a Belgian Mauser that was more than likely sold at Sears. I like the blued bolt that most didnt have. And the VZ24, the M48 and...a few more.
  16. Acarpenter, tried to post images of a 98/22. Managed to get them onto the test forum but they will not now post here. Maybe I can't put them on both? Anyway, they are there if you want to see them.

    The 98/22 is basically a Mauser 98 long rifle. Made in Czechoslovakia in the early 20's, many of them ended up in Turkey and had the sight ladder replaced with a Turk friendly version. The receivers are not dated. My murky knowledge says that the long rifles were sold after the Czechs adopted the M24 (Vz24?) carbine.
  17. Cool, thanks for the pic. Those are definately the ones over at this gun shop. He has about 6 or so, none too pretty, but I was thinking about getting one and refinishing the stock. Just a little project for the hell of it.
    Now for the real question:
    Should one of these shoot well at all?
    I am thinking out of that many, surely I can find one with a decent, tight barrel, but I didn't know how they typically performed...
    And they are all priced at $99 bucks I believe.
  18. Acarpenter, as for your real question - YES, it should shoot very well. I am very happy with the two I own. Every on-line post I've read about them says the same - they are very accurate. A rough looking stock and not a lot of blueing are normal on them, as is some external pitting on the barrel under the wood (not enough to be a safety hazard though). She's ugly but she sure can cook!

    Paid 88.00 for one at Big 5 in 2002 and 62.00 for the other from SOG, after I got my 03 FFL, in 2004. Last listing I saw for one was around 180.00 and that listing was hard to find. 99 bucks is a really good deal, you can't go wrong especially if you can cherry-pick one!

    Apology to Captn Mil Coll for hijacking this thread but it is about favorite Mausers...
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  19. I have a Turkish 8mm Mauser stamped 1940, it is one of my favorite guns.
    If only it could tell me where it has been..

  20. I would love to see the pics. Post them to your photos in your profile and then just copy them to here.
    If you need help just ask.