What's Your Favorite Ramen?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by TexasT, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. TexasT

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    Walmart just started stocking my favorite ramen in their "international" aisles. That means I no longer have to go to the Hong Kong Market in Houston to get it :) Whats your favorite ramen? Mine is this spicy one. It burns soooo good. Plus it has a packet of spice and a packet of veggies in there. (It has some green stuff, red stuff, and mushrooms)


    I eat it with this spoon. Makes me feel Asian. ^_^
  2. billy

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  3. lefty o

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    ramen noodle, never again! i remember when i first bought my house, i ate that garbage for the first couple of months because i ws afraid of not being able to pay the bills. i'll eat moldy cardboard before ever touching ramen noodle again! ICk!!!!!
  4. TexasT

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    I thought that too when I left college, but this is not American ramen. It's actually good.
  5. I love the spicy ramen... mix it with a package of beef.... mmmm
  6. SwedeSteve

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    Dear TT- You are a privelaged member of a small group that enjoys true cuisine! Everyone else, eat Ramen for .17 a bag!
  7. TexasT

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    But SS, there's so much more out there than beef and chicken ramen! One of my Asian friends opened me up to a world of goodness.
  8. Aqualung

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    What?! I love ramen! And I do mean the American kind. The chicken flavour is my favourite. I buy those in the big 25 packs. :D Eating it with a grilled cheese sandwich is amazing.

  9. tlarkin

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    There are these asian noodle bowls at the supermarket near my house and all you do is add water and nuke them, they are cheap and they are not that bad.

    Then I read the ingredients, and well, if I am poor and need a meal for 90 cents I will buy one, but man some of that stuff really freaks me out. I am a food label reader now hard core.
  10. CalifgirlinOk

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    AH it's a fancy shovel I think..LOL And no I don't eat that stuff,I don't like the taste of any of it but seabeescotty likes it alot.
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  11. DWARREN123

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    Use to get a case of 24 for $1.75 in Korea, mix it with the rats and have a decent meal. Rats = C-Rations
  12. sell33

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    I like the chicken and the oriental...and the beef...and the shrimp....Chicken is my favorite though

    I have never tried any others. i am in college and cheap is good lol:D
  13. TexasT

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    I used to buy the ramen because you could cook the noodles in the microwave. Then I'd add spaghetti sauce to it and it was my way of having spaghetti while in college.
  14. Amarksman

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    Ahhhh ramen. Ramen and bread with butter was my food of choice for the first 3 months I was in college! You wouldnt think so, but I lost like 30lbs! Probably mostly from malnutrition I guess. After that I got a job and moved up to frozen corn dogs:werd:
  15. I used to add shredded lettuce or cabbage to Ramen noodles as they were cooking. Then when the noodles were tender I'd add the flavoring packet, and crack an egg into them. After the egg cooked for a minute, I'd break it up with a fork and stir it around a little as it finished cooking.

    It made them a little closer to being a balanced meal, and tasted pretty good too. Of course, being me I also added a little garlic powder and hot sauce, too...
  16. do I look Asian enough for you? hahaha. I love Ramen.
  17. Aqualung

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    Egg, eh? I'll have to try that. I always add the flavour pack as they're cooking, to try to get it to soak into the noodles more. And I often put beans or whatever other leftover food I have into them, to make them (the beans) more palatable.
  18. MrsS

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    I like all the ramen soups except for pork...I would cook the ramen noodles and drain all the water out but just a bit, then I would pour the seasoning packet, a bit of hot sauce and mix it up in my bowl. I too will have to try adding an egg.
  19. I like the shrimp. I add a little lemon juice. Aqualung did anyone ever tell you you look like Hugh Laurie holding a charvel Jackson clone.