When Bubba "customize" his TT-33...

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    "I was an armorer in the (military branch/law enforcement agency)", is usually a scary thing to hear.

    The Navy is often an exception, for some reason. I've met several Naval armorers - especially ones from the '80s and before - who were good gunsmiths, and many were almost masters at one or two specific weapons even if they weren't the best all-around gunsmiths.

    There is one local ex-Navy armorer in particular who is a master with a 1911, and great with a Garand or M14 derivative, but I've seen a repair he did on a 92 Winchester that I'm pretty sure I could have done better - and I'm a parts changer and tinkerer at best. These days he doesn't even touch anything but 1911s, which I honestly think is admirable. A buddy of mine has a junker Taurus 9mm 1911 that he took to this guy, and what he got back is one of the slickest and most beautiful match-grade 38 Supers I've ever held. Even if it didn't have a great trigger and all the bells and whistles, the polish work the guy did alone would make a Japanese swordsmith blush.
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    Those things are truly schizophrenic. In the hands of someone careful and with a watchmakers touch they can do some pretty amazing stuff.

    In the hands of a buffoon they can inflict huge carnage to humanity.

    (I learned this lesson early--now I'm really really careful and generally get decent results).