When emus are outlawed only outlaws will have emua

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    Kinda silly but makes one ?? the one stot stoping power of a handgun....I man 5 shoots to kill a emu.

    Emu on attack is shot to death by rural deputy

    Associated Press
    Posted July 24, 2002

    HOLT -- An Okaloosa County deputy sheriff killed a rampaging emu with five shots after the flightless bird chased one dog and harassed others in this rural Panhandle town.

    The 5-foot-tall emu was looking to fight with dogs in Holly Booe's yard Sunday.

    Emus, native to Australia, look like ostriches and are raised as a low-fat alternative to red meat.

    "It sure had fun with our dogs," Booe said. "It was like a chicken, with its head bobbing up and down, charging the fence."

    Deputies John Jenks and Jon Bush contacted the Panhandle Animal Welfare Society, which would not respond "due to the fact that the last officer who attempted to pick up an emu ended up being hospitalized from injuries sustained during the fight," Jenks wrote in a report.

    Fearing the bird would harm dogs or children, Jenks fired five shots to kill the bird, according to his report.
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    Wonder what he was using? Those Aussie's are tough.

  3. I had a friend who raised Emus...that is ONE nasty bird and their personality can be just as nasty.

    They will run at you for no reason and CAN beat you down with their beaks and very, very strong legs.

    I say ^5 to the cop who ousted that **** hidious bird.

    Gosh, I hope they, at least, ate the dang thing. That would teach that bird a thing or two.

    But then again, if the bird is dead do we really care?

    I say shoot all Emus on sight...they're our next varmint.

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    Man thats one BIG drumstick on the grill.
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    Emus, and their close relatives Rheas, are living proof that birds are a type of dinosaur.
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    Two eggs - over easy. Food for a week!
    The wishbone would require two men and a boy to pull.
  7. Emuesaurases--taste like beef.
    Couldn't find the proper spelling in my dictionary.:D :D
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