When produce is outlawed, only outlaws will have produce!

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    Ok I will admit that the behavior was unruley and I'll go with assulting a police officer....but to consider fruit a deadly weapon....or the quote I like
    "The Winnipeg police officers testified that they feared for their safety when the oranges and onions started exploding around them"
    Explodeing orenges?....I loved the way the press put..they then "reloaded".... how do you reload a banna? Welp Im going to have to get a conceled fruit permit to pack my lunch.... (quick bad joke here...if you have a homosexual in your trunk is that carrying a conceild fruit?..)

    Ex-Mounties Guilty of Assault with Fruit, Veggies
    Fri Jul 5, 8:11 AM ET

    WINNIPEG, Manitoba (Reuters) - Two former members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have been convicted of assault with a weapon after attacking Winnipeg city police officers with fruit and vegetables.

    The two retired Mounties, who are brothers, were sentenced on Tuesday to two months in jail.

    "The two of you are a disgrace to every RCMP officer in Canada and to every peace officer in Canada," Manitoba Judge, Arnold Connor, was quoted as telling David Dauphinee, 52, and Daniel Dauphinee, 51, by newspapers that attended the trial.

    The produce assault took place in June, when police arrived at a downtown Winnipeg apartment building to investigate an unrelated break-in.

    When the Dauphinee duo, who were visiting a 19th-floor suite in the same building, spotted police on the street below, they began hurling oranges at them. They reloaded with apples and cooking onions.

    The Winnipeg police officers testified that they feared for their safety when the oranges and onions started exploding around them. When they arrived at the door of the suite, the recently retired Mounties, said be in a drunken stupor, hopped into bed and pretended to be asleep.

    They tried to blame David Dauphinee's then-girlfriend, Diane Bartlett, for the fruit and vegetable barrage, but a physiotherapist testified she was too petite to throw the oranges and onions that far. At the trial, Bartlett referred to the brothers as "Dumb and Dumber" and "the Gruesome Two-some."
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    Ha, Canadians are great. They really know how to have fun.


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  4. Ah!

    They shoulda broke out the potato cannon.

    But, seeing that hairspray is a controlled substance in Canada, that trick woulda gotten 'em 20-life.....fer sure.
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    I guess a package of grapes would be a small-caliber high-capacity assault weapon? A watermelon would rate as a destructive device. Hot peppers would be incendiary devices.