where are they????????

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by bob, Apr 6, 2002.

  1. bob

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    hit several of my old haunts while in spokane last week; nary a krag to be seen! save one described as a "parts gun" and that might have been generous! there was a cobbled stock with huge gaps in three different kinds of wood, a receiver that had some sort of a side swing scope base attached, or at least a part of it was attached and what looked like an '03 barrel witha self rotating front sight! mebbe i shoulda bought it as a basis for my shootin' krag. so where do you find krags and where are there parts like assembled bolts? bob
  2. Hal Beatty

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    Up here, Krags rarely show up in the shops anymore and most that due have usually been pretty thoroughly hacked. Best place I've found is the gun shows. Again, most ones you find will have been modified, but sometimes the price is right, and the only thing thats been bubba'sized is the wood. Then you may have found a good parts gun for another project.

    Haven't seen anything like a complete bolt for years. Usually have to buy the whole mess to get a major part like that.

    Hal Beatty