Where Do You Buy Your Survival Gear?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Punisher, May 18, 2008.

  1. Punisher

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    Whats up everybody? I see all these posts about survival/camping gear but I've always wondered where do you guys get it from? I get the Cheaper Than Dirt catalogs in the mail and found some good stuff I could use. I never ordered from them before, but plan on it. Let me know where you guys shop. Thanks.
  2. killer

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  3. SwedeSteve

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    I've bought quite a few items out of Shotgun News.
  4. mos19k

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    Go to your local Army/Navy store. If you live anywhere near a military post you'll have several pawn shops that sell equipment dirt cheap. Surplus stores, local or online are your best bet. Also don't forget flea markets and garage sales, you can get very good and cheap cooking equipment along with other supplies, just depends on your luck. Don't skimp on the important items, such as, backpacks, clothing, shoes, compasses, these are items that could save your life, buy quality.
  5. I either buy it local or on Bass pro. If they carry it.
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    mitch mckee: Sir; I just checked out your "grocery" stores. Man oh man.
    Good find.:)
    Have you ordered from them? Thanks
  7. mitch_mckee

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    Emergency essentials?

    Yes, fairly often.
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    Wow thats an impressive list of places. Thanks guys I will be looking into these places. Im going to check out your link right now Killer.
  9. patrick70

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    ARMY-NAVY outlets
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    I know where a used Army surplus store is. My dad used to take me when I was a kid.
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    Mitch covered it pretty well. Anything else is just garnish. :)
  12. I like the sportsman warehouse type places, you get to look at several things for ideas. Garage sales are full of great stuff. Keep it simple and prepare for whatever.
  13. Rex in OTZ

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    Moving sales and yard sales, go with $300 ya sometimes end up with a rifle or two
    good place for used camping equipment & spare parts, sporting goods
    Got 6 army blankets for $18 the work great for more than sleeping in.
    $20 for a vac sealer "seal a meal"
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    i usually pic it up off of dead zombie soldiers. but when i actually have to buy the stuff i shop aroud the surplus stores for tactical gear. ammo at the local gunshop and i also reload , i get the reloading components from midway or cheaper than dirt. food type rations, camping gear and stuff at sportsmans warehouse. if anyone is looking for molle vests, rigs, tactical vests, gloves, my local army surplus has a very good selection. the website is www.thearmystore.com . just thought id through that out there cause thats where i get my holsters , pouches, etc. gotta get back to preparing a blockade for the next zombie breach. as mr. rodgers says - dont let your meat loaf
  15. Cabela's, Sportmans Guide and Wal Mart.
  16. Turbo

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    Why buy when you can acquire?
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    If you mean by murder and theft, it is always wrong, even in a dire emergency. It is also a dandy way to a short life and a miserable end.
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    Naw I mean by walking down to supply and picking up a thing or two. I said acquire, not steal.
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    OK. So many young guys think pilfering their way out of a disaster is the way to go. Glad you aren't one of them.