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where have all the t/c'ers gone?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by boneguru, Mar 27, 2002.

  1. boneguru

    boneguru G&G Newbie

    where has everyone gone
  2. ReRide

    ReRide G&G Newbie

    contender fans???????????????????

    i've thought the same thing . there was a time when it wasn't hard to find contender fans and parts and equip.
    now it seems a like i am about the only one interedsted in them

  3. boneguru

    boneguru G&G Newbie

    I wonder if many did not carry over, I almost didn't!!
  4. Maybe we need to get a benchrest competition going to get the interest going.
  5. ScottD

    ScottD G&G Newbie

    I monitor the site daily. Not many here that shoot T/C's.
  6. jarcp

    jarcp G&G Newbie

    I do! I've got a lot of the Contender barrels up for sale, as well as the whole gun (G2) and the G2 frames. Waiting on the chamber to get finished, soon we'll have the contender bbls for the .22 Reed Express. Ballisticly the same as the .22 Hornet with less sensitivity to powder, oal, crimp etc...
  7. ScottD

    ScottD G&G Newbie

    I do to and many other handguns for hunting. It's just that in this board we don't hear alot from the handgun hunters.
  8. Indy

    Indy G&G Newbie

    I shoot my Contenders quite a bit and I agree there doesn't seem to be as much interest among members to post on any board. My direction has changed from hunting to target shooting. I am always looking for that perfect load.
  9. I'm working on getting my Encore frame. Hope I'll have it some time around the end of August. Planning on getting the Encore pistol frame and think I have decided on a 12" .44mag barrel as my first barrel.

    Now to decide on a scope. Looking at the Burris 2X24 and the Nikon 2X20. I have heard that they are both brighter then the Leupold 2X20.

    So many decisions! ;)
  10. gillamax77

    gillamax77 G&G Newbie

    well i for one am a big t/c fan. i deer hunt regularly with my 10" barrel in .357 maximum. many people don't like it but i would also like a super 14" or a 23" carbine barrel in .357 maximum. these are hard to find. the performance has leaves nothing to desire more. it is great. i also have a 10" 7tcu barrel that i am working up loads on. anyone with max mag barrels for sale ,reasonablely priced , contact me.
  11. CASEY1

    CASEY1 G&G Newbie

  12. Rockin Robert

    Rockin Robert G&G Newbie

    Coming back into the fold.

    I am just getting back into the TCC after many years off. I got my first Elk with a 41 mag Super 14, and was addicted for several years. Then work got in the way of enjoyment. I am looking for some older TCC frames.
  13. Indy

    Indy G&G Newbie

    Rockin Robert
    I have one old frame, 135xxx, that I sent to Fox Ridge for an upgrade. The frame was fitted to 3 barrels, .223, .357 mag, and a .44 mag. After the changes, the 3rd party grip had to be replace with a TC grip. I must say the Fox Ridge people were fast and professional. They made the modifications and returned the frame and barrels in two weeks. The pistol is a lot easier to open.
  14. tcshooter52

    tcshooter52 G&G Newbie

    T/C shooter's have gone to Mike's Place

    Hi to all. I just joined and I love shooting T/C's. The question of where have all the T/C SHOOTER'S GONE is simple. Try this web site , Mike has been in the business for over 24 years and this site is outstanding. ENJOY

    John :)
  15. I've been shooting for several years when work allowed the time. Time has freed more lately, and I'm discovering all that I've been missing. One of these is the TC. I've acquired two frames and 5 or 6 barrels ranging from 10" to 16". Another of the things I wasn't aware of is the computer. And this has shown me that the TC's are not all they can be . I'm wading in cautiously and discovering sites like this one;;; and others and finding how far I have to go. Isn't this a great sport to be having so much enjoyment with the full realization that it can only get better. Maybe soon I'll know enough to actually ask questions. For now, maybe all the missing TC'ers are just discovering life as it was meant to be.
  16. Ray Cover

    Ray Cover G&G Newbie

    I have a theory

    I am new to this board. I just bought my first G2 with a 17MKII for squirrels and used 357 Herrett super 14 barrel for deer.

    I have wanted one of these since I was in high school over 20 years ago but always seem to pass them up for a revolver. I finally got one.

    Here are a couple observations I had when buying mine.

    1. For the most part the new barrel chamberings make little sense to me.
    When I was first interested in a contender there were chambers offered that were designed for pistol length barrels. Things like .221 fireball, 30 herrett, 357 herrett , 7mm TCU, etc.

    204 Ruger, .223 rem, 30-30 and 45/70in a 14" or shorter barrel makes no sense to me. These rounds, for the most part, will make a big bang and will throw a big flame of still burning powder out of the muzzle. However, in my opinion all of these are radically inefficient in, and not really suited to a 14" or shorter barrel.

    It was a bit of a turn off for me to have to buy a used barrel to get one in 357 Herret., 7MM Tcu, and 221 fireball.

    2. To get the chamberings I want means I will have to search for used barrels or have custom barrels made. It also means I will have to hand load my ammo. I enjoy doing that so it will not be a problem.

    I don't know if it has anything to do with a lack of interest but those are a couple things that popped in my head when I bought mine recently.

    My 2 cents,

  17. Good question, I just found this site today and I am a Contender fan. I use mine in Hunter pistol silhouette matches and this fall I will be using it with the .357 Rem. Maximum to hunt Deer. I just sold my .22 Ruger Mark III, lost interest in it when I bought my first Contender. I have a .17HMR barrel, .22LR barrel (2) , .22 Horne tbarrel, .357 Rem Max Barrel and a .44 Rem Mag barrel, then there is the Encore rifle with a .243 barrel and a 7-08 barrel. I am ready for what ever comes along. :feedback:
  18. HAWKEYE50

    HAWKEYE50 G&G Newbie

    You gotta try a muzzeloader barrel. Very accurate. I'm new to the Encore I have. Had it since this Christmas. I've shot about 75 sabots through it so far and love it over a cartridge barrel. It eliminates the variables associated with getting a case near perfect each time at the loading bench. I shoot three rounds and fully clean the barrel. With a swab between shots, I'm getting some very consistant groups.
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  20. HAWKEYE50

    HAWKEYE50 G&G Newbie

    ****!!! What scope is that?