Where in northeast ohio can I shoot my rifle?

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    I've been beating my head agenst the wall about this issue for a wile now. i just cant find a rifle range to practace at near ahstabula county. we have all this vacent open land and yet nowere to shoot. the ashtabula fod and gun club wants $165 for a membership, but I'm moving to Portage county in the Winter, so that's a little unreasonable for a coupel days at the range. What's a guy gota' do to get some range time around here?
  2. did you tell them you are moving in so many months and see maby if they would give you a pro-rated price since you wont be there for to long? Just a thought.

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    Depends on how far you're willing to drive. Here in Wayne County, in the northeast corner near Marshallville you can find Kelbly's range. There are a couple of other ones along SR. 585 as it passes south of Rittman, but I don't know who runs them. Kelbly's is a first rate facility, has been site of the SuperShoot benchrest nationals in the past. he has indoor pistol ranges, shotgun, handgun and rifle outdoors. Target butts are from 50 to 200 yards out, maybe further. I haven't been there in years, but there was a nominal daily charge when I went, something like $10, if that.

    On the west side of the county, there is the New Pittsburg Gun Club. Not so nice as Kelbly's and not so close to Portage county, but it offers a 200 yard range also.

    You could check with the various gun stores in Akron, and there are a couple of serious gun shops there, for where their customers go to shoot.

    I don't know if the DNR has any public rifle ranges.

    Also, check into the various conservation, shooting, hunting and fish and game clubs. Go to gun shops and ask around. There really are quite a few places if you look hard enough. My chapter of the Izaak Walton League has a $68 annual family membership charge. We have a small range and charge shooters another $15 to help pay for the insurance rider we carry on the gun range.

    Hope this helps some.